Audi A3 1.8 TFSI 180 HP: the balance made car

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We get behind the wheel of which is probably the version of the new Audi A3 offers a better balance between efficiency and fun.

Sober,Guest Posting as usual for the brand, have a number of modern amenities which, together with a finished first, make him one of the most desirable options market.

This version of the Audi A3 ensures controlled fun

If you see it in pictures cannot say surprised, but live is another matter. We talked about the Audi A3 , one of the three models of VAG Group, along with the new Seat Leon and Volkswagen Golf VII , which rises from the platform MQB . It's an Audi, so do not expect a revolution bestial over the previous generation. However, once you start living with him you realize that this is a car that has evolved in every aspect that can evolve a vehicle.

Outwardly, we see that it has taken the cosmetic changes are already players in the latest creations of the brand, as the hexagonal grille and more angular headlights and aggressive. In addition, the version we had in hand, the 1.8 TFSI 180 HP, has more sports finishes the rest of the range and make this new A3 a car very attractive.

The same sense of continuity we have inside the car, but here, little by little, we realize that evolution is greater. Once seated in either front seat, sports court in this version, we observe a driving position similar to that of the previous generation ... One moment: we look around and begin to appreciate changes. The first is an updated dashboard where indicators call attention to the amount of fuel remaining in the tank and digital water temperature. Maybe not the most effective solution, but in terms of design is hard to beat.

If we turn to the right view from the driver's seat, we found a rather austere center console with climate controls and little else. And that is to handle the browser and other elements of the  Audi MMI should go to the controls next to the shifter S-Tronic , which also point lies the power and volume of the radio. At first strikes, but with the use check that is a pretty smart solution. Less liked the location of the CD changer, which is located in the glove compartment, being inaccessible to the driver and subtracting this space.

Not changed either the size of the shift paddles located behind the steering wheel, which are still too small. If you have hands like LeBron James or any other NBA star, this is not a catch, but they are of average size, come to them with the fingertips.

Audi A3 1.8 TFSI 180 HP: first engine

The motor 1 180 HP 0.8 TFSI is an evolution of the previous one, with 160 hp. An evolution of the real: the new German mechanical exceeds every one of the sections to its predecessor.

Run and much though without giving the feeling of being uncontrollable. It is an engine with enough force to have fun and keep you lack power in any situation day by day.

It has a good response across the engine speed, to which also the excellent support electronic management S-Tronic shift when it operates autonomously, but perhaps could be gentler when starting from standstill. Another of the "but" comes when we decided to handle ourselves with cams change: I still have the feeling that the transmission should react somewhat faster (hey, do not say it becomes slow because it is not).

Among the strengths, especially taking into account the performance offered by the motor is the fuel consumption. During the week I had in my hands this Audi, the average cost of fuel was around 8 liters per 100 kilometers, a figure that helps to get the Stop / Start system or 1,325 kg approved. Moreover, this figure city trips, and thanks to the mechanical operation of the low speed the new A3 is capable of running saving possible.

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