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 Tenants, tenants should learn some fire safety knowledges, for example, which automotive supplies flammable liquids  Fight fire method  If self-help  How to escape  How to properly use fire extinguishers

The target respondents in the survey report "CCTV broadcast of the Top Ten Award Ceremony" proposal,Guest Posting which is not only a well-known media cooperation and expand the demand for well-known, deep needs of the automotive products industry, the brand from the channel to the terminal "calling for". HC Auto Accessories Network has long been aware of this and is committed to establish the authority of the media image of the terminal market.

The survey, award-winning enterprise respondents, the target is relatively strong but the relative scope is quite narrow. But from the acceptance of population of the survey, the number of samples and the results can reflect the main thrust of the 2010 Top Ten Award: to show the well-known brand strength, dig a growing brand enterprises, enhance the brand awareness of the whole industry; to carry forward and recognition for the automotive supplies industry in 2010 development leaders and businesses make a significant contribution to arouse a sense of social responsibility of industry-wide automotive supplies.

    According to the survey, HC Ten selection committee believe that this selection confirms the development of the automotive supplies industry, open a new era of industry brilliant. First, establish a brand image of enterprises, to expand awareness and enhance corporate responsibility, industry innovation and development play a role in advancing. The same time, the selection of activities, whether award or the set of processes, is given an era of "imprint" with the times. The awards ceremony to open the Green Alliance to "brand interpretation of the classic, the innovative achievements of the future" given the newer and more profound meaning: green low-carbon trend is irreversible together to create a green environment of automotive supplies will be the future direction of concerted efforts, HC Auto Accessories network play the role of "guide", bringing together industry, Green Power, to lead the green industry trend. The same time, we should also see the future, whether it is business, brand, or the media, from the channel to the terminal, deepen the market is the inevitable trend of the industry.

 Tenants, tenants should learn some fire safety knowledge, for example, which automotive supplies flammable liquids  Fight fire method  If self-help  How to escape  How to properly use fire extinguishers,Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality.  fire hydrant  And so on. Second, the tenants should be actively and consciously perform a variety of Auto Parts City, the fire safety system, care for a variety of safety facilities and found that the safety of damaged facilities must promptly report. Tenants should be to improve safety awareness and safety as a top priority of the relationship between their own interests. In the event of fire, the tenants may suffer huge economic losses, therefore, to supervise managers and other tenants of the Auto Parts City, and found that the timely reporting of potential safety problems.

In short, only the manager of Auto Parts City, and the tenants with the strict implementation of various security systems, in order to effectively reduce fire accidents.

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