Automatic-shift driving error

Mar 27


jodie mht

jodie mht

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If long time trample brake pedal, equal to the forced to stop the traction, can make the transmission oil high temperature, the oil tend to deteriorate, especially in the air conditioning system work, engine idling higher cases more adverse in 2012.

Manual some open up trouble,Automatic-shift driving error Articles because transmission principle simple; Automatic open up some simple, because the gearbox internal institutions complex. This is just the opposite-the camera and cameras simple structure, complex structure SLR cameras. But a lot of friends open to be automatic stop block and don't realize this, as a fool like camera automatic-shift with, the results gearbox problems, a fix is to cost several thousand of thousands. I concluded, give priority to the misunderstanding have the following:Error 1: in the car hangs in P block don't shake handshandle brake. Those in the D block parking left the primary wrong here slightly too don't talk about. I even found that many drivers in the parking lot after clipping the P block not shake handshandle brake is got off the bus. This on flat perhaps no problem, but in the green hill on two hidden trouble: one is the P to block of mechanical lock from the wheels by sliding potential energy effect, due to stress and cause damage; 2 it is one thousand P block lock up the agency failure can lead to sneak accident. So the right operation procedures should is: 1, on the brakes to the car to stop; 2, the block to push rod P block; 3, pull up hand brake or press electronic hand brake; 4, engine flameout; 5, loose right foot brake.Myth 2: long time when parking still hang D block. Traffic, some automatic-shift owners often only on the brake pedal, HuanDangGan keep in the D block. If the time is very short you are right to do so, such as waiting for one is green red light. But if a serious traffic jam, two start as long as 1 minute intervals above, the proposal had better change into the N block or P block. Because HuanDangGan in the D block, although the driver's foot is not on the accelerator, but hydraulic torque converter will still weak output to the car DVD wheel traction. If long time trample brake pedal, equal to the forced to stop the traction, can make the transmission oil high temperature, the oil tend to deteriorate, especially in the air conditioning system work, engine idling higher cases more adverse.Myth 3: high-speed downhill or hanged when N slide block. For the small car for, even manual should not be neutral slide block, automatic-shift can't even use N slide block. This is a may lead to the transmission of burn out serious mistakes. N block taxi the save of the little fuel to pay for repairs to the gearbox has not only gave you the change for the garage. Its principle is: when high-speed or hill, the transmission output shaft speed is high, the multi-gear clutch of the passive in wheel driving at high speed, and hangs in N block will lead to idle running engine, transmission oil pump will appear oil supply shortage, lubrication conditions deteriorated. For complex precision automatic transmission is internal, lack of lubrication directly result is clutch piece in resonance and burned in skid.Myth 4: driving no artificial shift of consciousness. Although no clutch pedal, but traditional automatic transmission are still have gear, that a foot deep shallow one feet driving habits is the cost of oil. Should follow the "ShouYou up against" the principle, also is when to go after a certain speed loose gas, then to trample accelerator will find engine speed reduced, this is the gearbox according to the intention of the driver/block. If you can consciously involved actively in the automatic transmission of automatic power shift, certain ability you have a lot of fuel.Myth 5: illegal start the engine. "Illegal" of course not to break the law, but that is not reasonable. For example a novice in the P or N shift outside start the engine. Although in the chain organizations under the protection of the engine and can't start, but there are still may burn out the transmission neutral start switch. Another example of the traction with promote or method of automatic transmission car start equipment, may lead to automatic transmission internal damage.Error 6: D block walk the world. Why many people said the automatic some simple? Because their eyes only two gears P block (parking block) and the D block (driving block). Driving in the process, to block out the location of the D stem doesn, no matter what the D block deal with all road conditions. In fact, really understand the working principle of the automatic transmission enthusiasm, is at an appropriate time shift will. For instance in need continuous overtaking, if hope action flat and agile, can be enabled manual mode or S block sports mode, in order to improve the engine speed slow shift time; In the backup camera gravel road or snow wetland, have snow mode of the gearbox should start, this model can shift ahead of time, to prevent engine speed higher, and avoid excessive torque in spun out; And in meeting the climb over long distances, the hand from a body form of should enable manual mode, no manual mode should enable 3, 2, 1 limit block pattern, so as to improve the engine speed to get more climbing torsion; In the long distance on the downhill, should also enable restrictions blocked or manual modes, not only purpose and went up the difference, it is need to use a engine resistance and low speed of restriction to avoid a long time on the brakes lead to brake disks for hot attenuation and failure.