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For better gas mileage, there are a number of tips and tactics we can employ. There's no reason why you should waste all that money when it's so easy to improve gas mileage. Here's an easy better gas mileage tip that very few people have considered...or even know about! You can get dramatically better gas mileage simply by WHEN you buy your gas!...

This is the second in my series of articles outlining tips to get better gas mileage. So far,Guest Posting I've discovered 54 of them!  For instance, did you know that parking in the shade will slow evaporation from the tank and you'll get better gas mileage?

Here's another even easier way to improve gas mileage…

If you want better gas mileage, you need to pay attention to WHEN you buy your gas!

Sure, we all want to get the best gas prices - by the way, the gas at all the various stations comes from the same refineries - so go for the best prices you can. Brand loyalty won't help you get better gas mileage. To improve gas mileage, go as cheap as you can without burning up too much gas shopping around or driving to some distant, out of the way station.

But, in this article, I want to show you how to get better gas mileage by WHEN you buy your gas. To improve gas mileage, we mostly think about our cars' gas tank. In this tip, we want to consider the underground tanks at the gas station.

Water, rust, dirt and sludge will do nothing to improve gas mileage. In fact, to get better gas mileage, it's just the opposite - obviously.

Due to rain and condensation, water seeps into the underground tanks at your local gas station. Water in your gas will not help to improve gas mileage.

But, that's not all…

Over time, simply due to age and a little help from the water, the gas tanks rust. Rust flakes come loose from the sides and bottom of the tank and mix with the gas. Mostly this isn't a problem because the flakes settle and join with the other accumulated dirt and sludge at the bottom of the tank.

Except for the day or so after the tanker truck makes its delivery!

All that high pressure gas flowing into the stations' gas tank stirs up all the water, rust, dirt and sludge at the bottom of the tank. It takes a day or so for it to settle back to the bottom. In the meantime, it remains suspended in the gas - until you come along and pump it into your tank! Not a recipe for better gas mileage.

The sludge builds up in your tank, fouls your spark plugs, clogs up your gas filter, and so on. To improve gas mileage, make a note of when you see the delivery tankers filling the tanks at your favorite station and wait a day or two. Your better gas mileage will make your checkbook happy!

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