Bus Body field of electronic control

Jul 10


jodie mht

jodie mht

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practice of technical experience information accumulation finishing after standardization to enhance condensation intermediates


technological innovation,Bus Body field of electronic control Articles the product of accumulated experience and technology platform upgrade to business survival and development of a strategic height, as a fundamental competitive advantage.

The empirical data is the product solutions, control algorithm for model parameter calibration model, a typical circuit, the code segment of standardized tools and technology package. The development of China's automotive electronics industry a short time, the data of this kind are subject to long-term practice of accumulation of technical experience domestic automotive companies and foreign advanced enterprises in the technical gap where. The company accumulated experience institutionalization management, the use of means of information control model database development tool for database to R & D technical staff over the past few years the practice of technical experience information accumulation finishing after standardization to enhance condensation intermediate tool for the development of a The technology package is stored in the database (currently, more than 5,000 kinds of various models and tools) for technology developers to share. Product development, the developer, with the company's intermediate tools and technologies package can quickly design products of the "building block" approach, to avoid a large number of design iterations labor, greatly reducing the product development cycle, improve the success rate of new product development, and also allows developers to technical level based on the company's technology platform for the development of new products, beyond the old product, the formation of a technology platform to constantly enrich - Product R & D technology has improved continuously sustained a virtuous circle - continuously improve the level of technology platforms. Gradually the company's technology platform and progress, to ensure the continuing heritage and the company's core technology, and laid a solid foundation to maintain the company industry technology leadership and ability to continuously innovate.

Modern automotive electronic control technology forward network integrated control the direction of the vehicle network auto dvd and car dvd player bus technology is playing an increasingly important role in the automotive electronic control, vehicle networking with CAN bus technology as the representative of platform products has gradually shifted from pure body, chassis, The engine and independent local network to control the development of fusion for the integrated control of the entire vehicle, thus providing technical assurance for the vehicle integrated control. General automotive body electronics companies, the company has mastered the contemporary international state-of-the-art automotive body control - CAN bus control technology, the enterprise of the few successful entry into the field of body electronics control, and control has become China's passenger car body electronics the only independent core technology products dominated the field of domestic automotive electronic control field.

Automotive CAN bus control system to break the monopoly of foreign-funded enterprises of similar products on the domestic market has gone through years of market testing and continuous optimization and upgrading of the product technology of the company and CAN bus control system has reached the international advanced level, and car companies and end-users a high degree of recognition. Patented 23, including five patents for inventions, and an invention patent application has been processed.