Car DVD seamless bonding high definition of driving record

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generally from low-to high-end models are equipped with traveling thousands of community power supply of the recorders

Now the most popular after-market automotive electronics products in the car was undoubtedly the driving recorder,Guest Posting for the prevention of Pengci event happen to them, the owners who have to drive recorder in his car loaded on the domestic market, driving recorder majority in actual driving, although you can shoot a moving video camera with 2.5-inch display, but the huge volume blocking the driver's field of vision, and a screen navigation, driving a screen recorder much additional display will greatly affect the driver's attention has been expressly provided in Japan, Korea, Europe and America can not sell such products.

To cure this problem, Shenzhen nine Di introduced this year, Korea's latest drive recorder products - thousands of community driving recorder, thousands of community drive recorder is sharing screen with car DVD, and driving the video directly screen high-definition playback, save compartment space, to maintain the original car style, but also solve the problem of the driver drive recorder blocking the visual blind spot.

Thousands of community driving recorder is one of the prominent advantage is its high degree of adhesion with the car DVD. Car DVD in the domestic auto market has been very popular, generally from low-to high-end models are equipped with traveling thousands of community power supply of the recorder, recording and broadcasting function is above the epiphytic Car DVD. This not only greatly save the vehicle's interior was not sufficient power connector, but also the liberation of the crowded car space, also driver's complete driving vision, to eliminate traffic hazards caused by the traveling data recorder.

(Thousands of community bonding overlap of the driving recorder installation diagram and Car DVD)

Thousands of community driving recorder captured the video will be transmitted directly to the car DVD, users can harness to bring up the driving record video, high-definition playback, the general traveling data recorder playback picture limit and drive recorder screen size, only in two small window around the 5-inch viewing, which will inevitably miss some important details of the video, thousands of community driving the recorder does not have this trouble, it is bonded to the car DVD, large screen car DVD player 720P HD painting quality video (General Car DVD Navigation 4.3 inch). To reproduce the details perfect, so Pengci nowhere to hide.

We all know that a growing number of electronic products when the car body, and countless power lines, data lines will be exposed to the inside, and very disorganized, for the beauty of family, it is how unhappy things. Thousands of community driving recorder uses a bond with the car DVD technology, installation wire is completely hidden to the auto dvd and car dvd player carriage of to solve the annoying problem of cable compartment with a full beauty of simplicity, but also eliminates the display. Record boxes and other equipment placement, carriage original style is preserved.

    The general volume of the drive recorder of the general market into how to say in the compartment will be a bit unsightly. But also "occupy" a lot of space in the interior, I had to pay toll when is the drawing card will not accidentally run into ... but the light of one thousand community traveling data recorder need not be troubled, which in addition to footage, the main part of bonding with Car DVD, from the outside of the car is to look at less than the product installation traces. The unity of the automotive interior would have to be authentic preserved.

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