Euro Civic Type-R Teases U.S. Consumers

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In the U.S., Honda is mostly known for producing somewhat conservative, economical cars. However, the image of Honda outside of the States is far more performance oriented. This is attributed to a range of models that can be had overseas, but remain unavailable here.

One of the latest new performance-oriented Hondas is the European Civic Type-R. Slated for a Q3 release in the UK,Guest Posting the Type-R has performance tuning inspired by the Civic Mugen RR concept. Mugen is a Honda tuner and accessories manufacturer, and nothing says Honda performance quite like Mugen.

Powered by a 2.0-liter four cylinder engine, the Honda Civic Type-R features 237 horsepower and 160 lb ft of toque. According to the bad credit car loans Washington DC specialists, this Civic of course has serious modifications to its suspension, not to mention unique systems by Mugen and huge Brembo brakes.

What helps the new Honda Civic Type-R become the ultimate import hot rod says one Middletown CT Honda dealer is the vehicle's slim weight. Thanks to ample use of carbon fiber, and even the removal of rear seats, the Civic Type-R is extremely light, helping to aid the car’s performance and handling. There’s also bucket seats by Recaro and aggressive 18-inch wheels which customers at Honda Financing St Louis point out, helping give the Honda Civic Type-R an aggressive look that matches its performance tuning.

Unfortunately, the Honda Civic Type-R will see only limited production. With few cars being produced, they’re also likely to go fast. What’s even further disappointing is that U.S. customers will likely never see this Civic. We’ll just have to settle for the Civic Si.

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