European Auto Repair

Jun 30


Andrew Stratton

Andrew Stratton

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If you have a luxury car, you know that you need qualified technicians to handle your repairs. Several establishments exist that claim expertise in European auto repair, but there are a certain set of criteria that will lead you to the best place for your vehicle.

Considering your warranty,European Auto Repair Articles looking for technicians with various certifications, and researching credentials and estimates can help you choose the business that best suits your and your car’s needs.

Although the dealership may not be your preferred go to place for European auto repair on your luxury vehicle, you really need to be in tune with the limitations of your warranty before you forgo the option. If you receive oil changed, tune ups, tires, etc. as a part of your warranty, you could void these amenities by partaking in service from a non-dealer affiliated establishment. The choice is yours to make, and, for each individual, the choice is different. You may be willing to lose the perks from the dealer in order to obtain a less expensive job.

Regardless of your choice of shop, there are certain criteria that will flag technicians with qualifications. Of course, you want to know that the place you are investigating does indeed provide service for European automobiles, but toting the title alone is not the only criteria to measure. Look for technicians and establishments that belong to the Automotive Service Association (ASA). This is a membership that requires that its members adhere to a code of ethics in both repair and customer service. Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) adherence is also affiliates exclusively with establishments that meet a set of service criteria, and, as a European car owner, you will want to know that your prospective mechanic is BOSCH Auto-Technology fluent and certified. This is an electronic diagnostic system, and your mechanic need not only know how to use it and apply its finding, but he should also be a part of an on-going training program that allows him to keep abreast of current diagnostic technology.

If you are able to find these things a two or three nearby businesses, you are left with company reputation and estimates on which to base your decision. Most dealers will adhere to estimates, perhaps because they work with a certain pool of providers; however, since most parts are not kept on sight, ordering and shipping, as well as time waiting, may factor into the cost while a private establishments specializing in European auto repair may keep commonly needed parts in stock. For some, a shorter wait outweighs even a lower cost. For others, a lower cost is worth the wait. Whatever the choice, run the chosen European auto repair business through a Better Business Bureau check for a rating before agreeing to service.