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For many, buying a car is an important and significant life decision. Cars are good companions though they require a little bit of care to keep them running longer and safer. 

For many,Guest Posting buying a car is an important and significant life decision. Cars are good companions though they require a little bit of care to keep them running longer and safer. Let us discuss 10 ways you can extend the life of your automobile.

Care For Your Car Whenever You Drive It

* You should let the car's engine to warm up well before racing it down the street.

* Don't let your car idle to warm up as it will merely lead to incomplete fuel combustion.

* Shift to neutral at red lights and give your engine and transmission a rest.

Select Your Fuel Carefully 

* Filthy gasoline and diesel will reduce the life of your car engine. Steer clear of stations that don't make use of filters.

* Additionally, it is very essential that you prevent fuelling your vehicle immediately after the station pump has been filled; the gasoline is all swirled up and that allows sediments to get to your injectors.

Keep Your Keychain Light

* It may look like a light load but in fact the extra keys mounted on your car key put a heavy load on your ignition. 

* Due to bouncing of the keychain, the load adds to the wear of the tumblers inside the ignition leading to failure in the end. 

Look after Your Floor Mats

* Used cars or new vehicles, they all have floor mats. Regardless of type of mats you are utilizing, you should clean them regularly since they safeguard your car carpeting from water, mud, and dirt. 

Take Good Care Of Your Door and Window Seals

* Protect your window and door seals using a rubber protective covering.

* Use specially designed rubber cleaners when you clean them.

* Restore or replace seals when they start letting water leak inside the car.

Safeguard Your Washer Fluid System

* Avoid the use of water instead of washer fluid as it will not clean your windshield properly.

* Don't run the windshield washer system when it is empty as it will damage the pump.

* Do not make use of water for the washer system in winter season as it will freeze and damage the system.

Protect Your Car When Carrying Loads

* Ensure that you respect the roof load specifications on your car.

* Ensure you know the weight limit of your car so that you do not overload. 

* Use ideal racks to store luggage or goods on your vehicle's roof and within the cargo compartment.

Keep Your Car Clean During Winter

* The salt, dirt, slush, sand, and ice that are so common during winter times make your car rust. 

* Thoroughly clean difficult-to-reach areas of the car where dirt can cause the most damage.
Look after Your Tires

* Keep your tires properly inflated according to the specifications. 

* Check out the caps on your tire valves to ensure that you don't end up being a flat tire overnight.

* Irregular wear of your tires might be a sign of poor wheel positioning.

* Make sure there is no moisture trapped inside the tires which could corrode rims and also cause pressure variations.

Ensure That You Have Your Hubcaps

* Ensure your hubcaps are not loose.

* Change damaged hubcaps on time before they get lost.

* Remove expensive hubcaps before taking the vehicle to repair shop to make sure they are not damaged.

These are all hassle-free ways that can prolong lifespan of a vehicle, mainly in the case of pre-owned autos. Every car owner must be aware that a car is reliable as long as it is looked after. A car can run for several years without any problems, if you incorporate these simple tips into your long term car maintenance strategy. 

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