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Imperial EC8 12 models for the majority of consumer choice in the configuration, there are six models equipped with a GPS navigation systems

For Dorsett,Guest Posting senior car EC8 is the Dorsett proud of a new car. Clear the waist front fenders across the doors until the taillights, highlighting its slender body; with the roof and smooth arc, generous C-pillars and short rear, and 17-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels with chrome-plated windows, chrome frame, the feeling is steady and confident, very suitable individual private entrepreneurs or just parenting family car who.

Imperial EC8 12 models for the majority of consumer choice in the configuration, there are six models equipped with a GPS navigation system is the original car, but after all, limited repairer costs and other factors, the original car is equipped with GPS navigation system also can not do the facts of man, the navigation system's operation is not convenient, although it can play DVD, but EC8 design USB or I-pod interface, which is somewhat out of date, do not open the car do not have MP3 songs  apparently the original car GPS navigation system can not meet customer needs this car, change is imperative.

To do a professional manufacturer of car audio navigation system is very deep foundation of the enterprise is not such as Huizhou Excelle, Excelle launch of two brands of Lute Shi and Fig. Sound with their own tough quality and quality services attitude among the domestic brands of car audio navigation first team. Below, I experience this from Lute Shi Imperial EC8 car navigation systems.

Lute Shi Imperial EC8 function menu in the main menu page, a total of 3, this machine on the menu at a glance, as we operate a computer or a mobile phone, do not need layers down in order to find what they want, otherwise you will feel very bored. All the features in it, showing that its guidelines are very clear. And coupled with the elegant background wallpaper, you will find that this interface is giving a fresh the embossment icon, feeling very delicate, very controlled impulse.

As a car for car navigation systems, the appearance of the host must keep the original car's interior style is consistent, the appearance of the Lute Shi Imperial EC8 car navigation systems with the original car GPS navigator 8,9 similar, the same arrangements to host the function buttons on both sides of the host, but Lute Shi host put the sound control and channel selection to the two large buttons arranged in the upper part of the host, which is more than the bottom of the arrangements in a host of user-friendly operation.

In the materials used, both sides of the four switches and two round-button switch plating modified quality is high, more upscale than the surface treatment of the black shell of the original car ..

Lute Shi Dorsett EC car navigation systems using the new 16:9 high-resolution true color LCD screen, Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality.7 inch large-screen picture, up to 800x480 resolution (380,000 pixels) to bring ultra-shocking video effects, support to play DVD / VCD/CD/MP3/WMA/JPEG/MPEG4 format discs, but also with the original car does not have USB and IPOD interface, support for USB playback, to meet the majority of the owners and friends like to listen to MP3 music.

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