Gas powered radio control cars for the beginners

Dec 29




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Most of the radio control cars are popular due to their higher speeds. A hobbyist can get a radio control car that has speed up to 70 mph.


If you want to join an exciting hobby of radio control cars,Gas powered radio control cars for the beginners Articles there are few imperative things that you should know before purchasing your first gas powered radio controlled car. Most important considerations include type, maintenance, size, 2 or 4 stroke motor, car kits, 2 or 4 wheel drives. You should not forget to consider these significant points while buying your first gas powered RC car. Let me tell you something about size of a car. The two most famous sizes to select from are 1/10 scale and 1/8 scale. These both size have their own specialties. 1/10th scale is industry standard for the on-road racers. If you want to get best performance then you should prefer to run these radio control cars on a smooth surface. 1/8th scale is very famous for off-road buggies and trucks. The bigger 1/8th on road car comes regular with automatic transmission of 2 or 3 speeds.

Most of the beginners want to get gas powered radio control cars for on-road use. This is because people living within the city areas want to run their cars on paved surfaces. There are no hills and rocks in most of the metropolitan regions. That’s why they always run gas operated radio control cars to get ultimate racing experience. On the other hand, off-road cars are ideal for running on rocks, grass and snow. They are specially designed for such type of surfaces. Many people prefer to get buggies and trucks for off-road running while cars are proffered for on-roads. You can get any type of radio controlled car as per your recommendations and desires.

The next important thing to consider is motors of gas powered RC cars. Motors of gas powered or nitro RC cars come in 2-stroke and 4-stroke.  The basic difference among these two motors is that the 2 stroke motor requires fuel oil mixture.  On the other hand, 4 stroke motor has oil reservoir and can work on direct fuel. 2-stroke engine has the benefit of creating higher rpm’s and is more appropriate for racing. 4-stroke engine has greater power and torque. Therefore, such type of motor is ideal for running the gas powered radio control cars off-road. The most famous 2-stroke motor is 23 cubic cm displacement engines. Its great fame is due to amazing 2.5 HP outputs that it produces. This results into high acceleration and speeds that all the RC lovers need.

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