Hand Wash Your Jeep and Save Money

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Washing a jeep has never been this easy. And the best thing about it is that you get to save a lot of money.

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Who said that you have to visit a car wash and use a lot of money any time you need your jeep cleaned? It’s easy to wash your jeep and save a lot of money. It saves time too and to top it up, you get to wash your car better than anyone else.

Jeep washing is an easy and enjoyable activity. With the right equipment to do the washing, your jeep will outshine all cars that have passed through a car wash. This activity involves washing both the interior and exterior of your jeep. But we shall first look at washing the exterior.

Here are the guidelines towards proper jeep washing;

Regular Washing

You do not have to wait until your jeep is covered in a layer of dirt to wash it. Washing is meant to be done regularly to keep your jeep clean and smart. It’s like your second baby! And just the same way you cannot let your baby to go out without showering, don’t leave your homestead without washing your jeep. Too much dirt can prevent your jeep from getting clean because some of it contains chemicals that interfere with your jeep’s paint and react with the material that makes up your jeep. There are some jeep parts such as bestop jeep accessories that are designed to withstand constant washing but to be on the safe side, wash it regularly at least three times a week.

Get the right equipment

Washing your jeep with the wrong materials will leave your jeep unclean and to some extent even damage its board. They may remove the paint and the protective wax. Always use car-wash chosen products. These have been researched on and they will not damage your jeep.  These include, car-wash soap, two wash mitts made of a microfiber cloth or a soft natural sponge, two buckets and a drying cloth preferably an absorbent waffle-weave towel. Do not use a dish soap; removes the wax on your jeep, do not use normal towels; they shove the dirt around instead of picking it up and finally don’t use a chamois towel which most people love using, it can scratch your jeep’s paint. It is possible to get information on the right kind of equipment to use when cleaning your jeep from reputable jeep accessories stores and distributors. Make a point of enquiring about the same.

Follow the right procedure

 You can have the right products, but if you follow the wrong procedure, your jeep will not get clean. The steps to follow are;

·         Park the jeep away from direct sunlight

It’s advisable to park your jeep in a shade where it is away from direct sunlight. Sunlight will heat up its body and speeds up the drying process which might leave some dirty spots on the board. This also means that you should wait your jeep to cool down before washing it after a ride. Do not wash it immediately because the body is still hot and will act the same as if it was in direct sunlight if washed immediately.

·         Lock the doors and the windows

There is nothing disappointing like water splashing to the interior of your jeep onto your seats without your knowledge and you sitting on the wet seats. To avoid this, make sure your jeep doors and windows are safely locked before you start washing.



·         Keep all the required equipment close

This is to ensure that you do not waste time looking for some equipment when you have already started washing your jeep. This is to prevent the jeep from drying up even before you rinse it which will force you to repeat the whole process over and over.

·         Fill the buckets with water

Fill the two buckets with clean water. Add the car wash soap to one of the buckets while the other bucket remains with clean water.

·         Clean the jeep starting from the top

Soak the wash mitt in the soapy water and apply the foam on the jeep’s board softly and start scrubbing part by part. Begin from the top so that the dirty water can flow down.  If you start from down, when you wash the top part, the dirty water will flow to the already washed parts and soil the jeep again.

·         Rinse Section by section

After washing a section, rinse it to prevent it from drying up. Rinse using the clean water from the other bucket. Rinse it until no more dirty water is flowing.

·         Clean the wheels

After washing the body, clean the wheels using the other wash mitt or a wheel brush. A brush is better because it will penetrate in between the treads, but if you do not have it, the wash mitt will serve the same purpose. Remember that the wheels are some of the most important jeep accessories on your truck so be sure to keep them in good shape all the time. Make sure the tires get clean and then rinse.

·         Dry The jeep

After rinsing it properly, dry it using the drying towel. Make sure you leave no water droplets on the jeep. If the drying towel gets wet, pick another one for proper drying. A wet drying towel will leave some marks on the jeep.

That is just how cost effective and easy it is to wash your jeep at home. When you make this a routine, you will enjoy it to the maximum. Save some valuable cash by personally washing your jeep.

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