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The Honda CRV price has been low because of being from a company that believes in low price high quality cars, Honda. The Company is rated as eighth largest auto manufacturers across the world,  with second position standing in the Japanese automobile manufacturer.

The Honda CRV price brings the experience of the years,Guest Posting with being part of company that has not only been in automobiles, but also in motorcycle business aside from electrical generator to jet engine manufacturing facility. Hence technology is never an issue for this car.


Since its manufacturing in 1995, the Honda CRV price has been maintained consistently with changes only when a costly feature or a new technology is added. Talking about the name, the CRV refers to Compact Recreational Vehicle or Comfortable Runabout Vehicle,  best telling about the driving experience the car was motivated to provide.


The first generation from 1995 to 2001 brought in 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic transmission in I4 technology. The engine had one  piece sleeve construction with uni body chassis.  Therefore in case of damage to any part of the car the whole car body is not effected. The car had double wishbone suspension making the wheel motion optimized. All this fine consideration of details, contribute to Honda CRV price.


The second generation brought in a more big and heavy models introduction, with i-VTEC system and reactive link double wishbone. The  machinery and body of the car brought an increase in Honda CRV price. This generation also brought in award and recognition as being best small SUV from a car magazine. The generation which started from 2002 went through a number of facelifts and ended in 2006.


The 2007 to 2011 third generation rear lift gate instead of the previous rear door opening. The new CRV was lower base, wider and shorter in terms of car body. The 2.4L inline four engine was made available in 6 speed manual and 5 speed automatic transmission, capturing markets of Asia, Europe and Africa to the best. This showed that Honda CRV price was justifiable to features offered.


The last generation from 2012 till today came with CVT engine addition with K24 and R29 engine bringing in more quality to the driving experience. The features like Hill start Assist, Brake Assist, Smart keys, paddle shifter and LEDs brought in a lot of benefit to the driver with taste of technology. The Honda CRV price has increased if we see it through years, but so have the features.





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