How Important Is The Car Tire Pressure?

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Discover the importance of having the right tire pressure in your car tires.

Tires are a vital part of our vehicle,Guest Posting directly affecting driving safety, as they are the only parts that bring the car into contact with the road surface.

Don't neglect the pressure of the car's wheels.

When tires are not correctly inflated, they get hotter and therefore lose a lot of load capacity.

Also, being hotter causes more friction, and the car consumes more fuel. Overheating the tire causes it to start deforming rapidly, affecting the whole architecture of the tire and creating the risk of a blowout.

Another negative consequence of insufficient tire pressure is reduced driver control of the vehicle, and proper tire condition and correct inflation pressure are strictly related factors.

Not having adequate pressure can lead to tire deformation and premature wear. For this reason, we must control every month's pressure on the tires of the car, including the spare tire.
What is the recommended pressure that my tires should have?

The manufacturer's tire pressure should be recommended in the car's instruction book, as the tire pressure can vary considerably depending on the tire brand and size.

The most commonly used unit of measurement for tire pressure is the psi (pound per square inch). Generally, light cars have a recommended pressure of between 28 and 36 psi.

The tire pressure gauge is the appropriate tool to measure car tire pressure, also called "pressure gauge." You can purchase it or go to your nearest service station at the time. Usually, all service stations have a designated area for water and air.

Tires often lose pressure over time. You should check your tire pressure when you think your tires might lose air, sometimes because of a bad valve, a damaged metal wheel, or a puncture (nail in tire).

On the other hand, excessive tire pressure reduces the tire's life, decreases ground adherence, and makes it difficult for any car driver to control the vehicle.

Are you now convinced of how important it is to checking tire pressure? Here are the steps to follow.

How to measure the tire pressure correctly?

  • Tyre pressure is measured cold. Make sure your tires are cold, so you haven't traveled many miles before measuring the pressure.
  • Stop the engine, apply the handbrake, and get out of the car.
  • Remove the cap from each wheel, not forgetting the spare. They are usually dark and are on the inside of the rims. Be sure to save all the caps well, so you don't lose them.
  • Take the hose from the air machine and hook it to the spout of the tire. Do this gently, but make sure that the hose reaches the end of the spout.
  • Look at the air machine for the pressure in each tire.
  • Compare these figures with the tire pressure table recommended by your car manufacturer.
  • If the figures are below, you must put them in the air. If they are above, you must remove it.

Final words   

As you can see, measuring tire pressure is a straightforward task. Still, it is of vital importance for road safety, the life of the tires, and other parts of the vehicle, as well as another way of avoiding excessive fuel consumption.

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