How to reduce the hazards of electromagnetic radiation

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According to the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has the sounds quality sampling results

In February 2010,Guest Posting the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the four batches of product quality in 2009 of national supervision of random inspections, sampling of the 49 car navigation products, 17 products are substandard products, the failure rate of more than three products The main reasons for failure is excessive radiated disturbance power supply terminal disturbance voltage exceeded.

Whether excessive radiation harassment, or excessive power terminal disturbance voltage, there is great harm, the use of the car GPS navigation, excessive radiation disturbance or excessive power terminal disturbance voltage will seriously affect the normal use of the other electronics in the car, the driver or other passengers in the car to carry mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets and other electronic equipment may also be affected. The worst case, may also produce automobile system failure, accident, assuming the car and the patient's life to maintain the electronic equipment, will be rather dangerous.

According to the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has the sound quality sampling results, the electromagnetic radiation of more than 20% of audio products in the market exceeded, the product sample pass rate of only 68.4%. As a structure similar car audio, the threat of electromagnetic radiation also exist. And navigation systems, original equipment to the design of electromagnetic shielding, converted audio is often overlooked problem of electromagnetic radiation, plus the converted audio will be a substantial increase in power, which makes the problem of electromagnetic radiation is more prominent. Previous news reports, there have been lead to infertility riders because the conversion of sound electromagnetic radiation encountered. The experts emphasized that the modified part of the audio subwoofer may be the most serious sources of electromagnetic radiation, it is recommended that the subwoofer design and installation, at least half a meter more distance and human.

 Experts said that, compared with the damage of uncertain automotive electromagnetic radiation on the human car dvd player body, electromagnetic compatibility in fact more should attract public attention. Electromagnetic Compatibility Simply put, devices or systems work properly in its electromagnetic environment without the environment of other things can not withstand the electromagnetic disturbance. Such as the car to open the CD cause the airbag is not working, such a thing had occurred.

However, the consumer down do not have to be too worried about mandatory national certification through the car before the listing, one of which is electromagnetic compatibility, as long as the 4S store sold out of the car must pass through the detection. However, if allowed to make alterations or additional equipment, such as installing a reversing radar, navigation systems, will may make the original qualified vehicle in the EMC this one failed. Airbags and sound, lights, conversion and audio interference in the conversion sector is quite frequent.

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