In car Navigation installation in sun visor

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Never be used before the days of scouring the Internet navigator (X10, 330m), feeling the dashboard operations

As long as no one was around the use of radar,Guest Posting car radar are generally more reliable. However, this is a very obvious problem: an increasing number of vehicles using radar, equipment is inevitable there will be interference. You can change the modulation rate to reduce interference, and ultimately, the use of coded frequency-hopping pattern instead of a simple frequency change, each vehicle are able to identify of chirp, Reuter said. This change can be maintained early system architecture as well as most of the hardware the same, but to achieve the complexity of the extraction and analysis capabilities, requires each system to be able to identify the reflected signal from its antenna.

Moreover, the interference generated by a class is not easy to solve the problem: fixed equipment. Reuter warned that: "immediately bring the problem is that the tunnel in Europe using high-power radar to identify the vehicle. Their transmitter will cause the car radar does not work."

Sensitive issues in a more scientific, the key part of the radiation spectrum of astronomical objects in the 77-GHz band. In densely populated areas, more and more car radar will strongly interfere with astronomical radio frequency signal.

Reuter warned that: "In Japan there have been a regulatory requirement to turn off the transmitter within the range of 1,000 km of the radio frequency telescope, which may cover the entire country."

Chirp modulator, digital bunching, target identification, risk assessment, protection, frequency hopping, interference, etc. - these sound like the case of new combat aircraft, instead of trucks and cars. In fact, ADAS has inherited a lot of technical military systems. This is not surprising, it is indeed like a war, when the weather is getting worse, the car is more and more blocking

 Never be used before the days of scouring the Internet navigator (X10, 330m), feeling the dashboard operation car dvd and car dvd player for car is very convenient, but also affect the line of sight, more importantly, is this stuff screen with suction cups on the power consumption, without the car charger not. Therefore has a bold idea, and tried to navigation installed on the sun visor, the location is really good. Only where electrical connection  Find the most convenient wire. , Car dome light is not on the side Well, the car dome insert the key at any time to open, to prove the positive and negative are some. Just lights 12V voltage can navigate 5V, how to do  Began to think of charge modification on the car, but the car charger can also charge mobile phones, do not want to destroy. So in a Web search "12V to 5V" of the program. Useful 7805 chip directly to the simple is simple, but the efficiency is low, only about 40% remaining are fever, I heard more than 100 degrees is the normal temperature, think it unsafe! Search again in the X treasure seems to have a liquid crystal display, a dedicated 12V to 5V, modules, more than 90% efficiency, no heat, other prices are also cheaper.

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