Insider Tips on Buying and Selling Private Number Plates

Mar 12


Ross O'Donnell

Ross O'Donnell

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As the popularity of private number plates continues to rise now could be the time to secure your very own. Alternatively you may be looking to cash in your number plate investment or upgrade to a more expensive number plate. This article provides industry knowledge on buying and selling private registration numbers within the UK.


The popularity of private number plates is blind to age and background and private car registrations can be seen on the cars of drivers from all walks of life. You can buy private number plates from as little as £99 and cheap private registrations with your initials can be purchased for under £300. 

The best place to buy private number plates is from a reputable private registration plate dealer. Number plate dealers offer an unrivaled amount of choice when it comes to private registration plates and typically offer over 30 million private number plates for sale. Dealers can offer advice on buying and selling a private number plate and will be happy to source private registrations to match your requirements and budget which is a service other sellers are unable to provide.

The internet has made finding and buying private number plates incredibly easy and dealers can supply your private number plate on certificate as in as little as 4 days. Alternatively buy private number plates from a dealer who will transfer you registration onto your vehicle free of charge. 

When you are looking to buy private number plates  remember that the law states that a vehicle can never be made to appear younger than it is. For instance a new 07 private registration plate could not be assigned to an older Y (2001) registered car as it would make it look newer than it is. However you could assign a Y reg private number plate to a new 07 (2007) registered car.  If in doubt always consult your private number plate dealer before you buy private number plates.

Over time many owners of private number plates look at cashing in their investments. Number plates are one of the only aspects of motoring that actually increase in value. There are many ways to sell your private number plate such as online auctions and adverts in the local paper. One of the safest ways to sell however is by using a private number plate dealer. The industry sells thousands of private number plates each week and a percentage of these are sold on behalf of private clients looking to sell private number plates.

If you are looking to sell your registration find a number plate dealer who offers a free valuation and selling service.

By using such a service you can have your registration advertised for free on a high traffic website and sold free of charge. You will benefit from the dealers industry knowledge to secure the best price for your registration and they will complete any relevant paperwork associated with the sale. The dealer will act as an agent and ensure that all monies are paid before the transfer application for the private number plate has been made to the DVLA. By using a private number plate dealer your registration plate can be marketed to people specifically looking to buy private number plates.

You can sell private number plates whilst they are still assigned to a vehicle or when held on a DVLA retention certificate. As a rule of thumb,Insider Tips on Buying and Selling Private Number Plates Articles cheap private registrations sell quicker than more expensive number plates as they are more affordable to a wider range of people. However some of the most expensive private registration plates that come onto the market sell incredibly quickly due to their rarity. Examples of such rare numbers are old dateless registrations such as the private registration plates SR 1 or 9 L.

Private number plates have become the must have motoring accessory on today’s roads. Use a professional to find the right one and you could be driving one around very soon.