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Geosynchronous launch vehicle payload of 2000 kg IRNSS satellite will need to help them launch Khekales

According to reports,Guest Posting India is taken from the first step depends on the US-controlled Global Positioning System (GPS). Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientists announced the first seven satellite Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (or simply IRNSS) from December this year, began to launch.

    According to ISRO's Space Applications Centre (SAC) experts PradeepVKhekale IRNSS will launch seven geostationary satellites to their homeland - India, South and the North will be observed by the two satellites observed from an altitude of 30 006 thousand kilometers away The other three satellites will be deployed to observations in central India. GPS assisted in Khekale also India's geostationary orbit Enhanced Navigation System (GAGAN) project manager, the project aims to enhance the accuracy of GPS in India, but also includes the development of new applications for IRNSS.

    Although China has recently launched two Beidou satellite navigation system, but only the United States and Russia has the function of an independent satellite navigation system. A SAC senior officials commented: "The first satellite will launch in the year, IRNSS will be completed within three years, the first seven satellite launch."

    Geosynchronous launch vehicle payload of 2000 kg IRNSS satellite will need to help them launch Khekale added: "The dual-frequency IRNSS satellite will be more than a single frequency GPS satellite positioning more accurate."

    "The IRNSS plan to attract a lot of interest and concern of the SAC experts, especially few weeks ago, India was successfully launched RISAT-1 satellite, a SAC is responsible for the the RISAT task radio frequency engineer laments.

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 Loaded with people dream of the Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system is required and the overall planning of the "three-step": the first step, completed in 2000 Beidou satellite navigation experimental system, making China the world's first three countries with independent satellite navigation system; The second step, the construction of the Beidou satellite navigation system, a service covering most of the Asia-Pacific region in 2012; the third step, about 2020, the Beidou satellite navigation system to form a global reach.

    China Satellite Navigation System Management Office RAN Cheng revealed that the three network satellite Beidou satellite navigation system will be launched this year, complete the "second step" constellation deployment to the Asia-Pacific region users, before and after the end of the year to provide free passive positioning, navigation, time service.

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