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Officials at the California Public Utilities Commission are concerned about the quality of the different limousine company services.

Susan Carothers,Guest Posting a commission information officer, urges that people should check if the limousine company has insurance, and if the limousine driver has been tested for drugs, and if he is licensed to drive the limousine. These are all required in order for limousine companies to get a CPUC license to operate.

Greg Bragg, a manager of the motor carrier safety program for the CHP, annually checks a representative sample of each firm’s fleet, those which carry 10 or more passengers. According to the PUC, those which carry less than 10 passengers are responsible for their own maintenance. This periodic vehicle maintenance inspection is a necessary process that these companies must undergo.

Bragg stated that they give the cars the whole inspection, from the tires and brakes, to the car’s interiors, including the driver’s and vehicle’s history.

As long as companies meet the state requirements, they are still deemed as safe choices for consumers in the same way as if they were with an active license. However, consumers must be aware of those “gypsy” limo companies for they are very dangerous to consumers since they operate without applying for a state license.

Carothers stated that companies can face delays in the licensing process if they violate any license requirements, and will be fined with amounts of up to $20,000, or can even be shut down.

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