Paying the right price for car warranty

Nov 24


Keith Barrett

Keith Barrett

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If you've currently got a car warranty policy then you may well be paying too much for it - thousands of UK motorists are doing just the same. It's vital that you shop around if you want to find the best deals.


Many consumers in the UK choose to buy car warranty from their local car dealership,Paying the right price for car warranty Articles or similar car retailer. The reasoning behind buying from a car retailer is often one of convenience.

The retailer may have premises that are local to your home and you may be dealing with exactly the same people that sold you your car in the first place.

There is often confusion about the availability of policies too. Many people are unaware that there are other places to buy warranty policies and thus assume that car retailers are the only option available to them.

None of this would be a problem were it not for the fact that car retailers do not necessarily offer the best prices for warranty agreements.

Buying direct from an independent car warranty specialist could save you up to 50% on the price of your policy, while still giving you the same comprehensive standard of cover that you would expect.

Car warranty companies are becoming far easier to contact. A number of them now have websites that enable you to view exactly what is offered and to purchase online.

Such an approach means that it's now very simple to compare prices online. It also means that you can be very clear on the cover that is provided before you come to make your purchase.

There is no reason why UK car owners should be paying more than they need to for car warranty.

When you next come to purchase extended warranty, make sure that you're not caught out.

Compare prices online, do your research and get yourself a better deal.

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