Technical Principle of Low-temperature Jet Compressor with Increased Enthalpy

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In winter or in high-cold areas, it is difficult to evaporate the liquid refrigerant of the evaporator in the car (especially the evaporator is frosted), resulting in a small amount of return air and the compressor can not exert all the power, so there is a low-temperature jet enthalpy compressor.

Enthalpy-enhancing compressor technology was first proposed by the well-known company Copeland. It is one of the more reliable technical solutions that have been verified in practice so far. Today,Guest Posting Guchen EAC is here to explain how low-temperature jet-enhancing compressors work. Yes, why the increased enthalpy compressor can also have a strong heating capacity in a low temperature environment.

The low-temperature jet enthalpy compressor system is built on a complete system. The system consists of special components such as jet enthalpy compressor, high-efficiency hot water heat exchanger, and high-efficiency evaporator, but it still plays a core role in it. Special compressor.


The technical principle of the temperature-enhancing enthalpy compressor:


Simply put, it is to add a loop after the condenser comes out. This loop enters the compressor again without going through the evaporator, so that the compressor return air volume is guaranteed and the heating is stable.


Jet Enthalpy Compressor Technology In order to achieve a larger compression ratio in a low ambient temperature air source heat pump, the scroll compressor implements the "enhanced vapor injection" (EVI, enhanced vapor injection) technology, as shown in the figure. By opening a supplementary air hole in the appropriate position of the scroll and adding a suction circuit to increase the refrigerant mass flow and increase the enthalpy difference of the main cycle refrigerant, the compressor's compression process is upgraded from one to two, which improves The compression efficiency effectively expands the operating range of the air source heat pump unit. The air source heat pump unit can be quickly started in a low temperature environment of -20; the rated heating capacity can be reached at -15, the heating capacity is increased, and the COP is increased by 5%. In fact, the intermediate air supplement technology similar to the screw compressor is embodied in the plane scroll.


After so many years of promotion and development, the low-temperature jet enthalpy compressor technology has been improved by many companies with strong scientific research capabilities and applied to various fields. Like the Heat Pump Electric Scroll compressor being developed by Guchen EAC, the low-temperature jet enthalpy technology is well applied, and it is hoped that it can effectively heat the interior of the car under the condition of minus 25 to ensure passengers travelling comfortably.

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