The general design of Radio Control cars

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In the toy world, radio controlled cars are some of the most popular electronic gadgets you can think of. A radio controlled car is a model car that is powered using different methods and can be controlled from a distance using radio signals from the remote control to the transmitter fitted inside the car.

Generally,Guest Posting radio control cars have three very important elements that every user must be aware of. The first is the transmitter, which is the main controller. The transmitter comes with control sticks, switches, triggers and dials, all available at the user’s finger tips. The receiver, as the name suggests, receives signals and is therefore mounted onto the model. It is responsible for receiving and processing all signals passed through from the transmitter. This then translate into signals that are then sent to the servos. How many servos there are in a single model will determine the total channels that the radio must provide. The typical working system of the radio control cars is that the transmitter simultaneously transmits all the available channels into one pulse-position modulation signal.

The Pulse-position modulation (also known as PPM) is a type of signal modulation system that applies similar pulses displaced in time and on a base position based on the signal’s amplitude at the instant of sampling.

The receiver extracts the information stored within the radio waves and also demultiplexes the radio signals, translating them into a unique type of modulation, known as pulse-width modulation that are normally used by the standard radio control servos. The past few years have seen electronic speed controllers being developed in an aim to replace the variable resistors, which had in their time proven to be quite inefficient. Since they are completely electronic, they may not need any servos or moving parts.

Currently, there are thousands of radio control cars available in the market. These cars are divided into toy-grade and hobby grade cars. Majority of the available toy-grade cars are designed suitably for children for an enhanced play time. Hobby-grade cars are more for adults and are user in competitions and as a hobby, as opposed to being toys. One element that distinguishes toy-grade radio control cars from their hobby grade counterparts is the modular characteristic present in the standard RC equipment. Generally, radio control toy cars come with much simplified circuit systems and often have receivers together with servos all incorporated within a single circuit. This makes it almost impossible to actually take off that particular circuit from one toy, and transplant it to that of another RC.

All in all, radio control cars are designed and manufactured for basically the same reason, to create leisure activities for both children and adults. The designs available can be driven both on as well as off road on semi rough terrains.

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