The objectives of the Beidou navigation system

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   Domestic 3G standard TD-SCDMA and Beidou navigation system of China's independent innovations

GPS global satellite positioning systems owned by the U.S. government,Guest Posting controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense, there is no government commitment to users around the world, and users only pay the cost of a GPS receiver, did not pay the costs of the use of the GPS system. This method is independent, it also brings some uncertainty, for example, deliberately reduce GPS accuracy off the GPS signal is sent in a region, to increase the random scrambling code, the surrounding environment, the GPS radio signal interference, you can take full advantage of, but can not completely rely on.

    Beidou is China's navigation system, and April 30 this year, the previous three 10 Beidou navigation system network satellite was successfully launched, it is learned that the accuracy up to 1-2 meters, positioned just a few seconds, much faster than the speed of GPS location ,

    It is reported that the TD-SCDMA TD-LTE for the time synchronization requirements are particularly strict, the Beidou satellite positioning system can solve the time synchronization problem.

    Domestic 3G standard TD-SCDMA and Beidou navigation system of China's independent innovation technology. In the future, the objectives of the Beidou navigation system is to occupy 80% of the Chinese market, 20 percent of the world market, nine satellites in the state of working as a network, two satellites are testing another two satellites in orbit to maintain state There are three satellite to go in June and August 2012. The future, the Beidou system will include five geostationary satellites and 30 non-geostationary satellites. The U.S. GPS system with 31 satellites, 24 satellites, the Russian GLONASS plan, the scale is larger. TD-SCDMA from the start has proposed to "there is one third of the world. According to data recently released by the end of April this year, China Mobile, the cumulative TD-SCDMA users reached 61.87 million

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