The Three Main Styles of Tonneau Covers

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What are the three main styles of truck tonneau covers

If improved aerodynamics aside from style and safety is what you want for your truck,Guest Posting then installing tonneau covers is the way to go. This truck accessory comes in various styles.

The different styles are each designed to transform your truck and make it work better. You can choose among three main styles - hard, soft and retractable.

Soft - such style would consist typical of a soft top cover or tarp supported by a framework. The tarp is usually made of vinyl or leather, which can be pulled over from an aluminum-made framework. The aluminum framework of the tonneau is fixed to the tailgate and bedside of the truck. The tarp is then fastened down using slide rails or snaps. Some of this style of truck covers are usually flat and laid out across the truck bed. This is the case with brands like the Truxedo Truxport. Meanwhile, frame brows are being used for other styles so that it arcs across the center. This is the case with the Extang Black Max Tonneau. Such style usually helps to channel away the snow or water from the truck bed.

Generally, soft tonneaus are quite affordable but in terms of security, such are least to be depended upon. Many soft styles cannot be locked. Furthermore, because of the materials used, such styles are the fastest to show signs of wear and tear, as compared to the hard cover styles. There are manufacturing companies that have used the look of soft truck bed covers and adapted it into a foldable framework. Such allows for access abilities and versatility that is provided by retractable styles, but relatively cheaper. Similar soft styles are also produced to work well with truck bed mounted with toolboxes.

Hard - these styles are typically made using fiberglass and such can cover the whole truck bed with several folding panels or just a large sheet. Extang Solid Fold is one hard tonneau cover model that offers easier access. One-piece cover units, however, usually cater to customization like paintings that would match the entire truck design. Example of this is the Gaylord TL Series Covers. The weight and price of such style is its downside, though. Hard truck bed covers are usually a bit more expensive compared to the soft styles. In addition, the entire constructions of the cover and its strut systems and hinges that will support it into an open position considerable add more weight to the truck.

Retractable - this is undoubtedly the style which is most advanced and typically, the most costly. Construction materials for this style vary. The cover is usually composed of panels with hinged system that rides on a track system mounted on the bed. The cover then rolls out into a sort of spool that is mounted at the front of the truck bed. Many of such styles allows the user to lock the tonneau tightly, but sometimes, during intervals, also allows various amounts of the truck bed to be left open especially when one has to haul bigger, taller things.

If you are a truck owner who is a stickler for efficient storage and security there are models that integrate your retractable truck bed cover into your truck toolbox for more effective storage and security.

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