Tips for Driving in the Raining Situation

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In some regions, the rainy session will start from December to March. Driving in rain required some technique. It is difficult to see out of the window, and the other car's lights seems to make it worse.

Welcome to the rainy season,Guest Posting people! Some people might find it so hard to drive while they are being trapped in the heavy rain, what should people do then? Okay now what should people do when driving in the middle of the heavy rain. The first tip is hold your horses! That’s a very classical idiom about being patient. Hold your horses means that you have to be patient while driving in the middle of the rain. If the rain is hard then the road would be so crowded with many vehicles, the vision would be blurred and thus you can’t see perfectly in the middle of the heavy rain, what you have to do is keep your acceleration as minimum as possible, drive slowly and respect other drivers.

The first about keep your acceleration as minimum as possible means that you don’t change your acceleration if it’s possible. Accept the fact that when you are in the middle of the rain, you can’t do anything, you can’t drive fast, you can’t skip other vehicles and et cetera. It would be better to drive slowly and keep the acceleration stable. If you force or insist to drive faster and then the road is so crowded then you would end up hitting the brakes over and over again. It’s not just distressful but also dangerous. Rather than doing that, end up miserable, then it is better that you are following the first tips, drive slowly.

Some research suggests that you keep the minimum number of the sped like not up to 15 MPH, it would be better. The second tips to justify the first tips also, don’t do too much maneuvers when you are driving in the middle of the rain. People could be speed racers, really, they are being careless when they are driving and this is dangerous when you drive in the raining condition. The road is terrible slippery, lets repeat the statement again, the road is terribly slippery, and one careless move and you are in the dangerous position. There are many cases of car or motorcycle accidents because of the people driving carelessly in the heavy rain situation. You keep yourself safe by following the first and the second tips. Come to the third tips is about the lamp.

If the rain is so hard the please turn your lights on even if it’s still in the morning. The lamps would help to make the first, better view of the road and the second is about helping other drivers to see you. It would reduce the possibility of car crash or motorcycle crash. The last but not least is about the flood. The rain often causes flood, it would be easy if the flood is not too high but if the flood is high then it is better to save your corolla at home and use the SUV car because the low machine of the sedan would be a disaster if the water gets into the machine which it is most likely be happened in the case of heavy rain.

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