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Securities Times reporter learned that, the Beidou navigation test run the service just in this area to promote the use of firsts

In the early morning of February 25,Guest Posting the Long March III carrier rocket, a 10 Beidou navigation satellite successfully into space scheduled transfer orbit. A-share market, the Beidou navigation satellite industry has also attracted great attention of the private equity fund.

Securities Times reporter, private equity fund manager said the Beidou navigation satellite industry market space as a strategic emerging industries of high tech human capital-intensive, imaginative, this industry focus on the operational services of listed companies worth focusing on.

December 27, 2011, the Beidou satellite navigation system, a formal commissioning services. It is understood that the space of the system signals the Interface Control Document (ICD) regulate the relationship of the signal interface between the Beidou satellite navigation system and the user receiver. "With the ICD documents the industrialization of the Beidou satellite navigation can be described as out of a solid step is to carry out an important prerequisite for the Beidou receiving terminal chip development. Shenzhen Dragon asset management company (PhD), chairman of Xian-Feng Wu (Bo).

Securities Times reporter learned that, the Beidou navigation test run the service just in this area to promote the use of first and second steps into a regional satellite navigation system, covering the Asia-Pacific region in 2012, the third step is about 2020 global coverage.

Brokerage research report is expected, the Beidou satellite navigation is widely used in the field of national defense in 2013, and then expand to other industries and applications in the field of mass consumption in 2017. Total market size in 2020 will reach 300 billion yuan, of which the car navigation market is expected to reach nearly 200 billion yuan scale. During the second five Beidou navigation compound annual growth rate of industry output is expected to reach about 50 percent.

"This year is the Big Dipper second-generation application of the first year and industrial layout of years, next year will usher in the industrial outbreak of the year!" Xian-Feng Wu think so.

Investment, chairman of Shenzhen climbed said Zheng waves, the Beidou satellite navigation system applications, including power communication for defense and military communications emergency relief meteorological marine transportation, etc. With the upgrading of technology, the future will be in the security agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery forest fire high-end equipment manufacturing and other areas to further expand. Concern for the Beidou navigation satellite on the toyota dvd player market, will be with the emergence of irritating events of the relevant policies and measures to support the introduction of industry applications and demonstration projects and continue to heat up.

Beidou navigation satellite will eventually become to compete with the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation system, should be concerned with military equipment qualification Beidou navigation system commissioning experience and product reserves listed companies. Shenzhen, a not willing to disclose the name of the private equity fund, general manager,

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