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2011, round after round at the beginning of the year announced a "sword" Cn V5.2 navigation, which makes clear the re-emergences

Hot download from round after round through mobile navigation Cn T Air home to the thriving growth of round after round of official microblogging from the beginning of the edge of Cn V5.2 now to Cn V5.3 sparkling debut,Guest Posting Cn has been demonstrated to The market is not only high-end innovative products, as well as its innovative marketing model, a mobile phone the APP terminal official microblogging line, the characteristics way of marketing.

Cn mobile navigation IOS release and enter the limit-free state at the beginning, to make navigation of thousands of popular download weekly downloads once rushed APPSTORE hottest download APP fourth visible of Cn mobile navigation charm. Can destabilize professional navigation navigation standards, comparable to top-navigation user interface, innovative and convenient offline capabilities, etc., these sturdy features are popular, Cn shows the elegance of the lines through navigation.

2011, round after round at the beginning of the year announced a "sword" Cn V5.2 navigation, which makes clear the re-emergence of this round after round, and round after round in the APPSTORE mobile navigation is to undertake a true-V5 .2 momentum released not follow-up to the finale - Cn V5.3 version of beta and available for sale to lay a solid foundation, make do the reputation of the industry, at the same time, round after round of mobile navigation for V5.3 accumulation of many lines in a fan of , wide, round after round of navigation sales market.

In mid-October, the the Cn official microblogging stage will not only provide for the Cn mobile navigation an official authority of the messaging platform, more lines through a public user to find a mutual exchange of experience of local and, most important, with a strong influence on the spread of power of today's microblogging, round after round through the microblogging platform launched several massive microblogging activities, each activity nearly 4000 more than the number of participants, accumulated up to now, the official number of micro-Bo fans to play 12000 navigation products become an influential official platform for the follow-up round after round of V5.3 provides a good information put in point.

In addition, the the Cn official microblogging also act as part of customer service to answer fans consultation, problem seven thousand several times for business and users to build an interactive bridge, so that the the Ritu company image will become closer and closer to the user the same time, round after round the microblogging use the "trail" anthropomorphic mode competing sought after by peers, and other brands also follow the example of Cn to create a different brand characters.

APP popular and official microblogging successful establishment and promotion of all online activities are aimed at the sales line round after round through experience, Cn V5.3 beta is gangbusters, giving rise to the activation code one yards in beta at the beginning hard to find, Cn official microblogging has also received many "demand activation" seeking official release date of inquiry. V5.3 version of the popular precisely reflect the audi dvd player effect of Cn triple play marketing Cn V5.3 users in addition to partially come from V5.2, part of a lot of from Cn IOS version of the mobile navigation, Chung came round after round of official fan, of course, one of the most important point is that the lines through the effort spent in the V5.3 version. Cn V5.3 beta is now over, the official version has been brewing for a good, comprehensive distribution has been a virtual certainty, and then into the navigation myth is nothing but a matter of time.

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