Types Of Materials Used To Make Motorcycle Fairings

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It can be fun to shop for Aprilia RS125 fairing for your motorcycle. They are available in different shapes, color and sizes. This necessitates that you research the available types of available motorcycle fairing kits prior to purchasing one online or at a store

Without researching the options,Guest Posting you may choose the incorrect fairing for your motorcycle. Note that the reason there is a wide variety of motorcycle fairings is to ensure that the style and needs of every rider is satisfied. Plus, you can always replace the fairing whenever you want to! In the long run, the fairing that you opt for should be appropriate for the purpose of the event. However, don’t be concerned with the event because ultimately, the fairing should suit your functional needs, as well as be comfortable and be durable. Hence, you will want to explore the variety of materials used to make different fairings as discussed below;

Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer

This is the lightest material used in making Ducati fairings. As a matter of fact, they are so lightweight that they can help reduce fuel consumption when compared to the fuel consumed when riding with heavier ABS motorcycle fairings. In addition, some racers use carbon fiber fairings to increase track speed times since the lighter the bike is, the faster it can accelerate. However, this comes at a price. Carbon fiber is the most expensive material to use for motorcycle fairings. And they also are damaged easier than their plastic counterparts. As a result, it is often used in the most extreme races and sporting activities. This does not however prevent you the opportunity to use a carbon fiber fairing as long as you can afford it.

ABS- Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (referred to as ABS) is a strong and durable plastic that is used in the construction of motorcycle fairings. In fact, it is the most commonly used material for motorcycle fairing kits in both new and aftermarket fittings. This is because of the fact that it is highly flexible yet durable and light weight. It has proven to be better than other plastics as it merges the strong and rigid properties of styrene and acrylonitrile with sturdiness of poly-butadiene rubber. These materials are blended proportionally depending on the desired final result. Hence, the following two methodologies are used to produce an ABS Aprilia RS125 Fairing along with their strengths and weaknesses;

  • Compression molding: This is where the plastic is preheated. It is put in a hot metal mold and exposed to pressure such that it contracts and forms to the shape of the mold. After the molding process is complete, any extra plastic is cut off. Unfortunately, this procedure gives rise to inconsistent products and flashing at the point where extra material that should be attached is cut off!
  • Injection molding is another process in which melted plastic is injected in the cavity of a mold. This is followed by pressurization for shrinking after which it cools and then hardens in the shape of the mold. This results in the best possible product because it offers uniformity in thickness of the plastic. Furthermore, it can increase the reliability of a perfectly fitting product.


This material is constructed of woven fibers. It is often used to reinforce several polymer products and the final product is named from the reinforcing material. These Ducati fairings are lighter than ABS. In addition, they are easily repaired in case of damages.

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Are you planning to buy Ducati fairings for your motorcycle? You should research different motorcycle fairing kit materials including carbon-fiber, which is the lightest but most expensive material. Alternatively, you could use Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene if you are shopping for an Aprilia Aprilia RS125 fairing . ABS is less expensive, strong and flexible. Or, opt for fairings constructed of fiberglass.

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