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There is a range of cars to choose beginning from entry range luxury sedan to premium models. Before using the branded cars, you must have to take the knowledge of that particular car, which one you are going to buy.

Go for the best deal of your most favourite car,Guest Posting which one you are looking for a long time. Before starting to use car, it is very much important to choose a right model of that particular car. It is very much important to check a car in details, through road driving test and by the experienced mechanics. BMW, known as one of the best branded cars among of all and if you want to buy this car, then firstly you must have to know the details information about the car. You can collect the information through online regarding this branded car.

BMW AG, or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, was initially a German aircraft engine manufacturing company. In 1919, they turned to land vehicle engines, and in 1927 built their first BMW car christened BMW 3/15. For the greater part of the past century, it has led the world in creating cars for the rich. BMW 3 series is an exquisite sports sedan available both in petrol and diesel variants. It falls in the luxury segment. The exterior exudes confidence and a powerful flow of expression. The individual exterior details display elegance that reveals themselves subtly to the eyes. The 3-Series with its petrol and diesel variants targets the upper middle class and the rich Indian consumer with BMW cars having an on-road price range between rupees thirty and thirty six lakes. 3-Series variants include BMW 3 series 320i, BMW 3 series 320d, BMW 3 series 325i.

BMW five series is a fine fusion of technology, sophistication, and performance that go far ahead than others in the competition. This executive sedan comes with bi-xenon headlights and newly designed tail lights that redefine and impose its majestic presence on the road. This is the company's brilliant push in the luxury segment and more expensive than a Mercedes E class. The 5-Series with its petrol and diesel variants targets the upper middle class and the rich Indian consumer with BMW cars having an on-road price range between rupees forty-two and fifty-one lakes. 5-Series variants include BMW 5 series 523i, BMW 5 series 525i, BMW 5 series 525d, BMW 5 series 530i.

Yet another superb presentation from BMW is the six series coupé that blends the spirit of sports car driving with the luxury of a large saloon car. The 6 series is an unrivalled blend of elegance and performance. The 6-Series (petrol) stands out by itself. It's a BMW sedan with elegant features, and generally perceived as a marvel of resource optimization both for the consumer as well as for the manufacturer. But among of all these series, the most comfortable and classy is BMW 7 series. BMW is an extraordinary presentation in the luxury sedan class that represents the ultimate in comfort and richness in its class. With extraordinary qualities, it has a striking road presence with a muscular form and limitless power.If you do want to use cars of these series, then you should have to be well aware about this special car.

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