Using a dedicated Car Power Adapter

Nov 6


Kim Hyo Yeon

Kim Hyo Yeon

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The best part about a Car Power Adapter is that it provides an input range that is up to 24V DC. Besides, it is protected from power surges.


Before you buy a Car Power Adapter,Using a dedicated Car Power Adapter  Articles check to see that its output cable connector is matching the AC jack present on your computer or on your cell-phone charger. Typically the universal adapters come along with a set of connectors that will match the most common jacks. To be on the safe side, in case you are using a proprietary car adapter, ensure that it is of the same brand as the electric appliance to which you would be connecting it.

In order to connect the car adapter to your electric device, first of all place the ignition key of your car in the "on" position or the "accessory" position. Next remove the cigarette lighter of your car. Now insert the 12-volt connector of the car power adapter into this lighter socket.

Ascertain that the indicator light present on the car adapter is lit. In case it is not, then recheck the connection of the car power adapter to the cigarette lighter. It may be that the plug has pulled out. Or else the car key may not be in the correct position. Or perhaps the lighter fuse needs to be replaced. If none of these is applicable here, then it means that you need to replace the car adapter.

Now turn on your electronic device. When buying a car power adapter, do look for its wattage rating. Do make sure that it will be able to handle all the devices that you plan to power. You may even consider buying a multiple outlet splitter. This is required in case you wish to run several devices off the battery of your car, such as a computer, besides a cell phone as well as a portable CD player with each of them having their own adapter. Do remember that connecting your car power adapter and using too many devices on it while your car is in stop mode can drain its battery real fast. Thus you run your car for brief periods of time in order to let the alternator recharge it. Also, when you are doing so, take care that you temporarily disconnect all your devices in order to avoid them getting damaged due to power surges.

Your car power adapter can help to keep your electronic devices running on long as well as short trips. This car adapter is plugged from the electronic device into the cigarette lighter of the car or there may be dedicated adapter plug.