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Board video surveillance of law enforcement vehicles, mainly the public security system, as well as emergency rescues

Car video monitor application market is divided into two categories,Guest Posting one category is law enforcement-class vehicle monitoring applications (such as public security system, law enforcement, disaster relief, emergency command, etc.); the other is the monitoring of transport vehicles (such as buses, public transportation, logistics, transportation, etc.). Simply the focus of the on-board video surveillance of the two types of vehicles are different, the former car video surveillance are installed outside the vehicle, used to monitor the vehicle external environmental conditions; latter-board video surveillance, the majority of installed on the vehicle internal, used to monitor the vehicle interior products different application environment, user functional requirements are different.

Board video surveillance of law enforcement vehicles, mainly the public security system, as well as emergency rescue and disaster relief, emergency command departments, law enforcement applications, largely by the events outside the vehicle quickly and efficiently track and record. For law enforcement agencies, car video surveillance equipment for law enforcement vehicles, mounted outside the vehicle, used to monitor the environmental conditions of the vehicle external is used in long-term bumps, open-air environment of the wind and sun, so law enforcement class vehicle users on the stability of the shock-board video surveillance products, anti-gray, anti-erosion, the wireless signal bandwidth, immunity to electromagnetic interference, etc. are demanding. How to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle monitoring products in harsh environments is the law enforcement category of users is most important when purchasing products.

In addition, law enforcement agencies to respond to emergencies, rescue and disaster relief, emergency command, in addition to the concern on these issues, but also how the front-end camera video captured images, via 3G, GPRS, the Wi-Fi wireless network to transfer videos to the command center for real-time view more emphasis. Real-time transmission of video images, the command center for vehicle monitoring site real-time video image information in the first time, to facilitate the command center and the vehicle in front for video language dialogue, timely response measures.

Monitor the market for law enforcement vehicles, with the constant attention of the public security departments of large-scale events and emergencies, as well as recent natural disasters frequent, prompting the government to increase purchases of car video surveillance. Law enforcement-class mercedes benz dvd player vehicle monitoring, as well as the "Green City", "intelligent transportation" industry, market demand is further expanded. According to the vice president of Sichuan Tianyi Network Services Limited, Wang Shibin, said: "Because of weather, terrain and other reasons, Sichuan Province, more prone to natural disasters (such as floods, mudslides, landslides, etc.), the water conservancy department and land and resources, procurement and installation a number of car video surveillance equipment, remote monitoring for natural disaster-prone areas. "

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