Why a 4x4 Ute Makes a Good Off Road Car

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After 77 years the 4x4 Ute still is one of passions of many car lovers. Check out here how this off road car used to be, its evolution and all the features, performance and style you can find on them nowadays.

The 4x4 Ute Has Been an Off Road Maven for 70 YearsWhen the first Ute was introduced in 1934 most people thought that the car companies had finally got a handle on what it was like to drive on most of the roads outside of the cities as well as roads in certain slow developing cities. Bumpy city driving on poorly paved streets was a interesting trip,Guest Posting but driving outside of the city limits took interesting to a different level. A vehicle with some moxie was needed to get from point A to point B without being stuck in a precarious predicament that drained the patience and the body fluids out of the most due-diligent drivers.Road conditions and Ute’s have changed over the years and today’s illustrious drivers love the challenge of conquering off road hazards using the latest technology and more than a little self-created gumption. The 4x4 Ute is easy to fall in love with these days thanks to lots of headroom, leather seats, electric windows all round, alloy wheels, foglamps, air conditioning, and MP3 compatible CD tuners.The engine choices like the 2.2 litre petrol four cylinder, which is capable of hauling a payload of 855kg, and the 2.4 litre petrol that can haul 1000kg, add a bit of fuel savings to cost conscious off-roaders that are squeamish about the 2.7 litre diesel models or the six cylinder or eight cylinder road warriors that have a ravenous petrol thirst. Most die-hard off-roaders want the manual five speed transmission, which makes any off road adventure a Mad Max type trek, but the beauty of the 4x4 Ute lies in a vast array of options and choices.The safety features of the new 4x4 Ute range is impressive by anyone standards. Active head restraints, six airbags, anti-skid brakes, LED lighting, and all the other safety goodies found on high-priced vehicles are available on the these reliable all purposed, family oriented, and colorful Australian work horses.Why is the Ute Such a Good Off Road Car?Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder so what is good for one may not be good for another, but the 4x4 Ute rises above the norm when it comes to serving two masters, which are the off road and the city road experience. The Ute can tour round the city in grand form as well as dig into the dirt and get perky when the occasion presents itself.The type of suspension and the shock absorbers on a Ute make a huge difference in performance. All four wheel drive suspension systems improve the ride over small bumps, but when hefty shock absorbers are matched with a heavy duty suspension system the vehicle maintains its balance. It doesn’t bounce out of control over extremely rough terrain so the stress of riding over dramatically uneven surfaces is greatly reduced.Most off road adventures are experienced by two or more people so the 4x4 Ute is designed for family fun as well as for individual off road performances. The full size Ute as well as mid-size and compact models give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a casual ride through some harsh conditions or a down and dirty competition where mud gets slung in grand fashion.A Ute may not be for everyone, but it is a great work or pleasure choice. Anyone interested in cutting edge off road driving or anyone who needs a sensible vehicle that can haul a load of fertiliser or pull itself over a rock formation that’s sitting right in the middle of a dust infested road is a perfect candidate for the seventy-seven year old mate called the Ute.

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