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After a lot of hide n seek, we now have the new r15 version 2.0 in front of us. Leaned over in a corner, the tyres locked fiercely into the bitumen and engine screaming like a chainsaw, nothing comes quite close to Yamaha R15.

After a lot of hide n seek,Guest Posting we now have the new r15 version 2.0 in front of us. Leaned over in a corner, the tyres locked fiercely into the bitumen and engine screaming like a chainsaw, nothing comes quite close to Yamaha R15. This is a visceral treat for sports bike lovers. The light, hi-tech motorcycle is one mean package, turning, stopping and accelerating like a precision. Yamaha YZF-R15 version 2.0 feels every bit as good as Yamaha?s racing instinct philosophy.

But how much better is the R15 V2.0? Can it reignite the passion among sports bikers the way that the original did?

A few more changes and Yamaha could have called the R15 an all new bike thats how extensive list of changes is. Firstly look the twin headlights units straight in the eye and you wont be able to tell the V2.0 apart from the older one. Now take one step to the side and the changes spring out at you. The mid-fairing is beefier and has nice slotted vents that Yamaha claims improve aerodynamic efficiency by 4 percent. There is a stylish new side panel that almost seems a part of the frame. The R15 also boasts a new waspishly high, split seat.

Look closer, and the finer changes become apparent. The Yamaha YZF R15 looks longer, for its wheelbase has been stretched by 55mm and that is down to the new aluminum swingarm, a first in this class. Completing the new Muscular looking rear is a bigger tyre. Hidden under the hugger, wrapped around a stylish 10spoke alloy wheel is a radial tyre, while the front is much meatier. Overall gearing is taller as the final drive ratios are tweaked. To improve braking efficiency at both ends, the front disc has a bigger carrier to increase cooling, while the rear disc has been upgraded to 220mm. The ECU store a modified code that promises to improve throttle response. The cam that operates the throttle has also been altered for more linear response Yamaha has unfortunately failed to add any power to the new model and the enthusiasts are sure to feel let down with the with the unchanged power and torque output. To make matters worse, the Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 is heavier by 5kg.

Hop on and the riding position definitely feels track focused, the rider sitting in a more forward set stance with more weight pushed to the front. The light buzz from the 149cc liquid cooled motor is familiar as you drive it around. It gets apparent as you drive the power delivery is now vastly improved. Unlike the earlier R15 that needed to be really wound up to get going, the V2.0 feels far more responsive, with a healthier bottom and mid range power band. This will surely improve the rideability of R15 . The new Yamaha is faster by half a second to 60kmph and 100kmph from standstill.

Yamahas ultra stiff steel fabricated Deltabox frame is the magic wand that grants the R15 rock solid poise around corners and a feline ability when changing directions. It is a case of the best getting better, the longer aluminum swingarm having vastly improved stability. The difference was not so startling when blasting down the straights but a big change was palpable when attacking corners. Sure there is a small drop in flickability but its a sacrifice worth making for so much newfound in-corner stability. The R15 V2.0 oozes confidence, prodding you to ride harder and faster assuring you there is nothing to worry about. The sportier riding position and greater weight bias towards the front gives the rider more connected feel, which surely inspires greater confidence among new riders while more experienced riders will use the benefits to extract more pace from the R15.

A large chunk of R15 V2.0 is poise can also be attributed to the new MRF tyres, Grip when leaned over or under hard braking is now nothing short of magnetic. You will find nothing but absolute commitment even when expecting rear wheel hop due to patchy, bumpy surface. The bite from the front brake is hard to fault, always working nice and progressively.

Confidence inspiring handling, better power delivery and incredible stability make the Yamaha R15 V2.0 a significantly better motorcycle to ride fast on a race track. Street riders have dealt with the shortcoming of the R15 before and will have just about as much complain about, save for the improved power delivery and muscular new rear section. Paying out thousands for the upgraded model despite gaining no more power will go against the new motorcycle. Yamaha really should have endowed the R15 with a more powerful engine to match its extraordinary dynamic ability.

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