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Whenever you ask a truck owner what they use their pickup for, you will get answers ranging from hauling, to trailer my boat or RV to simply the love of driving a truck.  Your grandfather would have a completely different response to that question, as opposed to maybe your young adult son or daughter. The way we use our trucks has vastly changed over the decades. There is yet a new, or not-so-new use of pickups that we truck owners often overlook. Let me shed some light on that for you truck lovers.

You own a truck. You love your truck. But what about sharing that with someone special in the way of creating romance in your truck?  Even if you use your pickup as a beater or for farming,Guest Posting the ways in which you can create an easy and simple date night or special occasion setting, without spending lots of money or having to be an ultra creative Don Juan, can be done Yes, even by you!

Depending on the time of year or where you are geographically located, ideas are plentiful. You may be the imaginative type, so let me help with that. I will go through the seasons and you can adjust weather conditions along with your area by switching things a bit or by doing things I recommend for a Midwest spring during a Southern winter.

First order of business would be to do a quick basic cleaning of your truck bed.  Romance will be lost if your significant other gets a whiff or tar or manure.  No need to spend hours cleaning, simply hose or sweep it out. Grab some beach blankets or a comforter and lots of pillows.  If you have a blowup air mattress, that would make an even better base for comfort. Depending on the time of year or your climate, this would determine the amount and density of blanket(s). Don’t think just because it’s winter in the Northeast that you cannot do this, because you can. I am sure you get chilly while enjoying winter sports outdoors so buck it up and make a plan anyway. What is wrong with relying on body heat if you get really cold?  You see my point? Bring a thermos of hot chocolate or a bottle of wine with cheese and crackers. Enjoy the stars, or even a beautiful snow-covered mountain view in the sunlight. You have a nice platform in that truck bed that allows you to drive to any scenic area and take that cover off the pickup bed and totally surprise her. This would also make an awesome proposal scenario. But even if you and your significant other have been together for years, you can still wow him/her by making a small effort to try this for a romantic setting.

Spring, Summer and Fall are a bit easier to plan using your truck. I have known folks who totally decorated their truck bed as an altar to be married in by using roses, daisies or any type of wildflowers and create a beautiful setting. If it’s not going to be a surprise gesture, suggest this idea to your lady and let her come up with the decorations. She may think you’re crazy at first, but a country girl will easily adapt to the idea of fixing up that pickup bed and it will become a fun project for the both of you. You will make memories that will last a life time.

Picture a summer night under the stars. It is one of the most romantic settings anywhere. But how much better would it be if you took it to another level and instead of sitting on the ground and possibly sharing your romantic moments with a snake or fleas, you elevate it to a padded truck bed with maybe a string of lights plugged into your cigarette lighter that you could lie across the back window. Add some music from whatever device you have, a cooler of preferred beverage and some snacks or a picnic sandwich dinner. What you choose for food is not nearly important as the setting you create to take her breath away. Women truck owners, you can do the same for your guys just as easily. There are countless options for Fall with hay, pumpkins and sunflowers. For Spring, you can stop on the roadside and gather some lilacs or forsythia branches. In summer you can park in many places on or near the beach. If you get too warm, the water is right there to help cool you off.

I hope I gave you a new insight to something different you can use your truck bed for.  If you want more ideas or have some great ones of your own, swing on over to and leave a comment or ask a question. I like to advocate romance, and my wife has tons of ideas as well. We love hearing from truck enthusiasts and welcome them to our site any time.  We also have gift certificates to surprise a loved one with.


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