10 Different Types of Designer Sarees Drapes to Try This Season

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There are many different designer ways of draping even the simplest of sarees.

Designer sarees are the preferred choice of women for special occasions like weddings,Guest Posting festivities and similar such formal events where they intend to look their best. Although, most people categorize designer sarees as sarees designed by designers, there are other types of designer sarees as well. Sarees that are not just designed by designers but are worn in a certain way to get the designer look.

What if you can get the look of a designer saree without actually having to spend on one, what if you can buy a casual saree and drape it in a designer way or buy party wear saree and wear that in a designer drape style to get that dream look.

There are many different draping styles but these are my top 10 picks which are sure to get admiration your way:

  1. Saree with a jacket: Ditch the regular blouse; instead wear an embellished jacket with the saree. You can choose a short/medium or long jacket. Also, if you are wearing a saree in winters, you can wear the blouse and then wear the jacket on top.
  2. Saree with a tunic: Wear the saree with a tunic or a shirt style top fabric. This is a really quirky and fun way of wearing a saree and you are sure going to love the look.
  3. Saree with a Belt: Buckle it up with a beautiful belt on the waist. This is the perfect example of adding contemporary element to traditional outfits.
  4. Saree with pants: Why always wear a skirt under the saree, leave the skirt and replace it with pants, cigarette pants and leggings will both look amazing with saree. The best thing about this style of saree is that it is extremely comfortable to carry off. You do not need to worry about the pleats or the length of the saree so much. To some this style might look a tad bit clumsy, but sometimes imperfection is all the more appealing.
  5. Saree with one shoulder blouse: This style has been made quite famous by Sonam Kapoor who has worn the one shoulder blouse saree a couple of times. This style is glamorous and sexy.
  6. Dhoti saree: The dhoti saree is any regular saree worn like a dhoti. You can check on how to drape saree in dhoti style and wear any saree as a dhoti. This is a very elaborate saree drape style.
  7. Lehenga style saree: This saree drape style is just absolutely lovely. For this you can buy lehenga saree that comes pleated as a saree. Just wear the lehenga pleated as a saree and pair up the blouse and dupatta.
  8. Wrap saree: Instead of wrapping the saree on the waist, wrap it around your body in concentric circles. Fashion designers have time and again used this draping style to show how a saree can be draped in so many different ways.
  9. Regional Drapes: Instead of looking into all different places for saree draping style, explore your cultural heritage. There are many regional drape styles like Guajarati styli, Marathi style, Bengali style and the lot.

Saree in gown style: There are many sarees that are designed and crafted like a gown. They are sarees that look like gown or gowns that look like sarees, Confused? Well there are both of them and you can choice either.

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