Easy Steps to Wear a Saree Perfectly

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Saree is attire that is quite popular with Indian women, well not just Indian women; it is popular with women across the globe.

Women love wearing a saree but do not particularly like draping one. Many of the girls do not wear sarees because they do not know how to drape sarees. Not to worry,Guest Posting though, draping sarees is quite easy. Here are 7 simple steps to wear a saree perfectly that will let you wear the beautiful drape in style and with utter comfort.

Step 1

Get the basics ready. For draping a saree, you will need a blouse, petticoat or underskirt and of course the saree. Along with this keep a few safety pins handy.

Step 2

Wear the underskirt and tighten it properly to ensure a good drape. Also, wear the footwear that you are planning to wear with the saree before you start draping it, to keep the length of the saree at ground level, because the heel should not show and neither should the saree fabric be mopping the floor.

Step 3

Next, take the plain upper end of the saree and tuck in the petticoat, tuck the fabric slightly to the right of the navel.

Step 4

The lower end of the saree should touch the floor, next wrap the saree once around you and bring it to front, the saree should come on your right side.

Step 5

Now, you can go further in two ways, either you can leave the fabric for pleating and bring at front the pallu fabric, secure it and then make the pleats in the end or you can start pleating, then take the fabric from the back to the front and then take the pallu. While most women go with the second method, I would rather go with the first one.

For pleating- Start from the tucked-in end of the saree and make pleats that are 4-5 inches in width or less depending on the type of saree, make 5-7 pleats. Make sure that the pleats are even and are falling straight. To avoid any malfunctions with the pleats, you can secure them with a pin. Now, just tuck in the pleats in the petticoat. I like the pleats to open to the left, so I usually tuck them in a little towards the left, you can tuck it towards the right, if you want your saree pleats to fall that way.

Step 6

Now drape the remaining fabric of the saree around, from left to right. Bring it around your hips to the front. Now adjust the saree fabric at the back to bring the top edge of the saree that you brought to the front, just below the right arm. Just take the pallu at front and throw it across the left shoulder. You can pleat the pallu, secure one side with a pin and let the rest left loose or opt for any other fancy style of draping a pallu.

Step 7

This is less of a step and more of a review. Check the pleats-length, straight, fall and make sure that the pleats are secure. If this is your first time wearing a saree, you can buy special saree pins and secure whatever areas that concern you with them. Wear the accessories and the statement jewelry and you are all set to be the life of the party in your ethnic look.

There are many other different ways of draping a saree like Gujarati style, Bengali style, there are also many different types of sarees like lehenga sarees, party wear sarees, designer sarees, and gown sarees and so on. This is the simplest way to wear a saree, also the most popular way, however.

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