20 YouTube stats that every marketer must know

Dec 3


The Media Lab

The Media Lab

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YouTube stats are observing ever-growing figures and undoubtedly, this platform is seen as bigger than other platforms except for Google.



Either you are going to create your own YouTube channel or already penetrating business through a channel,20 YouTube stats that every marketer must know Articles you really need to increase the views for your videos. However, freelance videography is playing a crucial role in the emergence of videos.

Here we are heading towards the 20 YouTube stats that you should know being a marketer. Using these stats will let you boost your marketing strategy for the brands at a bigger scale.

1. YouTube reports 2 billion logged-in monthly users

As we said above, YouTube’s user base is having tremendous growth year by year. As mentioned, it is having 2 billion logged-in per month. In May 2018, the platform’s audience was standing at 1.8 billion.

2. Second largest search engine

Unsurprisingly, YouTube has become the world’s second-largest search engine according to the Search Engine Journal. Moreover, YouTube is the platform responsible for more than one-third of mobile internet traffic. (Statista)

3. YouTube is used by 73% of adults in the U.S.

As per the Pew Research, YouTube is observed as the most famous online platform in the United States. It is almost greater than the use of Facebook and Instagram in the region. It is revealed that 69% of American adults use Facebook while 37% of people in the U.S are using Instagram.

4. The younger audience of the U.S on YouTube

Social media is popular, especially in youth. The same is the case with YouTube that it is getting consistently more popular as 81% of 15–25-year people in the U.S are avidly using this platform.

5. Almost 15% of YouTube’s site traffic comes from the U.S.

As per Alexa’s estimates, YouTube yields higher traffic coming from the United States while India is ranked in the second place as 8.1% of YouTube viewers are from this region, and 4.6% audience is from Japan.

6. YouTube watchers from India

India is the second biggest market for the YouTube audience. It is showing double-digit growth year by year. It is reported that 93% of video watchers from India are watching YouTube

7. Just 33% of popular YouTube videos are in English

It is intriguing to know that 33% of the most popular videos are in the English language. According to Pew Research, channels with more than 250,000 subscribers were found in English and 17% of videos were totally in English. This is because YouTube is working in 80 different languages and 91 different countries.

8. People upload 500 hours of video every minute

Competition at YouTube is becoming tough for brands and content creators. It is due to the appetite for creating video content that is continually getting increased. People at YouTube are uploading 500 hours of video every minute. The intensity of creating videos has increased by 40% throughout the five years between 2014 and 2019.

9. Each visitor spends 11m 24s per day on YouTube, on average

Visitors at YouTube are spending 11 minutes 24 seconds every day in 2019. This number is greater than in 2018 as the time spent in that year was 8 minutes and 41 seconds.

10. Algorithm recommendation

People watch 70% videos at most that are recommended by the YouTube algorithm. Moreover, another research revealed that around 81% of the adult in the United States say that they frequently watch videos suggested by YouTube algorithm.

11. YouTube’s every visit has 6.5 pageviews

On average, each visit to YouTube includes 6.5 pageviews. Increased page views suggest an active audience where people click more on new channels and videos.

12. Over 70% of YouTube views are on a mobile

The increased usage of mobiles is impacting the growth of the social media platform. This is how YouTube experiences increased visitors regularly. Throughout the last years, YouTube reported that over 70% of YouTube views are on mobile.

13. Increased Watch time for “which product to buy” videos

People are turning to YouTube to know more about their preferred products and brands. They are likely to research on YouTube before deciding which products to buy. Around 80% of people said that they watch YouTube product video at the initial buying process.

14. 10% of the most popular YouTube videos draw 79% of views

Pew Research saw 44,000 channels with 250,000 subscribers and observed that only 10% of YouTube channels are making 70% of the popular videos and these videos successfully grab 79% of views overall.

15. Increased engagement of YouTube users with channels

In 2017and 2018, YouTube observed increased engagement of users with video creators. People are liking to become loyal fans of the channel if they find their content appealing and engaging.

16. YouTube views on big screens

YouTube reported that the platform has observed 250 million hours of watch time per day on TV screens. This whole thing is happening due to the boom of Smart TV. It merits mentioning here that YouTube views on big screens have increased by 39% at most.

17. YouTube for B2B market

When we peek in the Youtube stats, it is observed that video content is a crucial part of marketing strategy. Around 71% of B2B marketers are using content video marketing strategy and this sums up that YouTube could leverage a great benefit to your brand via video marketing and helps you to go up with the competition.

18. Effective marketing on YouTube than other platforms

Reportedly, 78.8% of marketers express that YouTube is the best platform when it comes to the marketing aspect. YouTube stats are beating Facebook as having 58.5% votes for the effectiveness of marketing.

19. Increased spend on YouTube ads

YouTube is an attractive place to show up your ads and reach to the target audience. The platform is showing 27.1% of digital video ad spending while 62% of marketers are having plans to expand their video ad spend frequently on YouTube.

20. YouTube advertising stats

YouTube is one of the fastest-growing and popular platforms among marketers. It is mentioned that 48% of marketers are investing the advertisement on YouTube and ranks as the third most popular platform among them.


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Originally appeared at the Media Lab. This post for the YouTube stats 2020 is created by taking information from different sources based on the stats shown as of August 2020. These stats can vary from time to time. We at the Media Lab try to come up with more accurate data as possible to date. However, we are not liable for any future changes in the stats shown above.