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Different industries and even the manufacturing industry have different names for acrylic like Perspex, Optix, Plexiglass, PMMA, etc. An acrylic board is most commonly seen and used in the form of a s...

Different industries and even the manufacturing industry have different names for acrylic like Perspex,Guest Posting Optix, Plexiglass, PMMA, etc. An acrylic board is most commonly seen and used in the form of a sheet, which can be available in 3mm acrylic sheet and 5mm acrylic sheet. But these acrylic sheets can easily take different shapes like tubes and rolls. Acrylic board or Perspex board, as it is often known, is usually transparent but you also get a wide range of colours to choose from, if you need it. 

In the last few years, acrylic board is only used more and more and it is everpresent in almost all situations, everywhere. It is really amazing how acrylic is used and in-demand almost everywhere and this is why it plays an important part in our very modern lives. But there are really strong reasons as to why it is so important. Many businesses like Board Printing Company offer acrylic printing and perspex printing. Let us go over some facts to understand the importance of this material. 

  • Acrylic is known to have one of the highest light transmission rate possible at 92%. This kind of light transmission property can make acrylic board often clearer than a regular sheet of glass.
  • Although it looks like glass, it is exactly half the weight of a glass sheet, which makes acrylic really lightweight. This makes acrylic printing so great as it allows the material to be used in different situations. 
  • Compared to a regular sheet of glass, an acrylic board or sheet is almost 16 or 17 times more impact resistant. This is why a material like acrylic is often found as a replacement for glass in windows and doors.
  • The impact resistance feature makes it really difficult to shatter or break acrylic. It can only break or shatter under immense pressure. 
  • Acrylic is just naturally and inherently BPA-free, this means it has absolutely no Bisphenol-A.
  • Acrylic is not only break-resistant but also scratch-resistant, unlike a glass sheet and other clear plastic sheets.
  • Acrylic is manufactured through a process called polymerization in which a reaction is caused between a catalyst and methyl methacrylate. 
  • Using acrylic for laser cutting into different, specific shapes is easily possible.
  • Acrylic is known to be a thermoplastic, this means that even after its initial production acrylic can be melted into a liquid form and transformed into a different shape. 
  • Acrylic is often purpose-manufactured in which it goes through a process called injection molding. The process of injection molding requires to heat up tiny acrylic particles into a liquid form. This liquid is further inserted into a mold to give it a certain shape and size. So as and when it cools, you get an acrylic board.
  • The maximum optical clarity in acrylic is achieved after it undergoes industrial sanding and polishing process right after the manufacturing process and before it goes out for use by people. 
  • An acrylic board printing or sheet can be easily applied with a matte finish which can offer the look of frosted glass. 
  • Cleaning and taking care of acrylic or perspex board is really easy with a cloth and some cleaning compounds.
  • There are also special abrasive compounds that can help in easily removing some scratches on acrylic. 
  • You can not use normal glue for acrylic, it just doesn’t work, you must use special chemical solvents or glues that are specifically manufactured for use on acrylic. 
  • Acrylic is said to be one of the most versatile products and materials ever. It finds its uses in both commercial and residential purposes. 
  • Acrylic is often used as a lacquer, which is a protective coating for furniture.
  • Acrylic is also a material that is now being largely used in 3D printing as well.
  • You will often find acrylic or perspex sheet in aquariums as they are lightweight and shatter-resistant. Even a lot of retail and sales signage are often made up of acrylic.
  • Acrylic was also used in submarine periscopes in World Waar II jets. 
  • The derivation of methacrylic acid from acrylic acid was found by scientists in 1865. It was further combined with methanol in order to create methyl methacrylate. 
  • Acrylic plastic got it another name Plexiglass from the Rohm and Haas Company in 1933 when they commercially began producing acrylic plastic.


Acrylic is a truly amazing material that has found various different uses in the modern world where glass doesn’t seem to be a good fit in all places because of the fear of breaking. Also, because glass is really expensive so when glass needs to be used in a large quantity, you will often find its actually acrylic sheet. Printing on acrylic sheet or perspex printing has become quite popular in recent times. Board Printing Company is a business offering the best printing on acrylic sheet.

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