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Take a brief Look at the Article, it will guide you to choose the right bed sheets for your Healthcare sectors.

What is Bed-Linen?

It's common that "linens" are used to mention bed sheets. “Bedding” also refers to bed sheets,Guest Posting bed linens and bedclothes. Bed Sheets are a very important element for a good sleep. We think bed sheets are just an element which spread over the cot. But in Hospitals Bedsheets are playing several roles mentioned below,

  • Protects against incontinence
  • Protects against spills and stain
  • Helps in infection control
  • Comfortable and non-sticking

Buy the best bed Sheets we select for the hospital and health industries should protect the comfort and health of the patient. Sheets are in contact with the patients directly for a longer duration. So there are some of the essential features to be checked before selecting the bedsheets. It should be easy to fit, remove, and adjust the table with cots. There are a wide range of collection of bed sheets are available in different sizes, colors, qualities, and prices.

I am going to explain about the important factors to be focused on buying comfortable bed sheets.

Thread Count:

Thread count is nothing but the number of fibers present in the sheets. You may found it as T- No of count when you browsing about sheets. If thread counts are 150 means, there should be 150 Horizontal threads and 150 vertical threads. The quality, softness, and absorbency depend upon the number of thread counts. High thread counted bed sheets cost more than the low counted bed sheets. In healthcare settings T-130 is the standard thread count. It is low expensive and durable for healthcare purposes. You can choose higher thread count bed sheets for longevity.

Material of the bedsheets:

Generally cotton is the most used material in bedsheets manufacturing. Not only cotton, but also linen, silk, and other natural fibers have the most favorable features for providing a comfortable sleep.  Natural fibers are very breathable, durable, and suitable for all winter and summer seasons.

Synthetic fibers like polyester are also involving in the bedsheets manufacturing. But polyester bed sheets are stiff and scratchy to the skin.  But cotton and polyester blended bed sheets are soft enough to comfort us while we sleep. Microfiber is another kind of synthetic fibers which are made up of a combination of polyester and polyamide in different ratios. This magical microfiber sheets are soft, strong, and not breathable. Natural Fibers are comfortable, breathable, and suitable for all seasons. And another problem is bed sheets are the place where thousands of dust mites and bed mites could live on. They cause allergies and breathing issues to humans. Some fabrics are hypoallergenic; they are resisting dust mites to stay on it.  Choose the proper bed sheets which do not make skin allergies and free from dust mites. Hospitals started to use waterproof mattresses for easy removal and interchangeable.

 I listed down the various fabric material used in bedsheets: 

1) Egyptian Cotton: Very luxurious and super soft material.

2) Upland Cotton: Common fabric with reasonable cost

3) Tencel: Taken from eucalyptus wood and its Anti-microbial

4) Silk: Very luxurious, silky, and expensive.

5) Bamboo: Made up of durable rayon fibers

6) Polyester: Synthetic fiber, less absorbent and scratchy

7) Blend: Durable and wrinkle-less

 Bed sheets for Skin shearing:

Long-term bedridden patients supposed to be in continuous contact with the hospital bedsheets and mattresses. They would be affected by the bedsores and bed shearing due to the repeated friction. For avoiding that we should choose the well-designed bed mattresses to treat bedsores. Prefer bamboo mattresses to get away from bed shearing and bed sores.

Disposable Bedsheets:

Eco-friendly disposable bed sheets are very popular among the Medical healthcare sectors in recent days. “Disposable” this word refers to “destroyable “or “compostable” completely. That means that they are bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Without worrying about the environment, we could dispose of these bed sheets

Generally manufacturers use soft, non-woven, and bio-degradable materials to produce disposable bed sheets for providing ultimate comfort to the skin. Disposable Bedsheets constructed for healthcare sectors. It’s tailored with infection control features.

 Bed sheet sizes:

It's another important factor to be determined at the time of bed sheets selection. 

Standard: Standard size sheets cover 7-14 inches

Deep: Fitted sheets cover 11-17 inches

Extra deep: Bedsheets covering more than 17 inches

 Buy bedsheets utilized in the health care settings should be hypoallergenic, soft, comfortable and resistive to chemicals like bleach.

Before investing in bed sheets for the health care settings check whether the bedsheet possesses the following features, 

  • Hypoallergenic – Free from Dust mites and bed mites
  • Chemical resistance – Bleach and other chemicals which kill the germs in the bed sheets
  • Disposable and Bio-degradable
  • Resist skin Allergy
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Light Weight
  • Hygienic and Fluid resistance.


Choose the right bed sheets for healthcare industries!!







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