3D Moon Lamp for Creating Right Atmospheres

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Lighting is a very important aspect for creating right atmospheres for dating, parties and holidays. Compared to traditional lighting design, 3D Moon Lamp is a more flexible and portable LED moon lamp that adopts LED light source and is powered by rechargeable battery.

The moon night light is available with different color types including dual color,Guest Posting tri-color, quad-color and sixteen-color types which can be controlled by Tap, Touch Sensor and IR Remote. Brightness adjustment and color changing functions are available to create different atmospheres for parties, dating, holidays and so on, also it is more reliable and safe than traditional lighting, and you can put it anywhere you would like, even if you have children, you do not have to worry about safety problem.

LED moon lamp shell is manufactured with the advanced 3D printing technology and environment friendly materials, which ensures very realistic moon surface texture. While the light is on, you can touch a real moon at your finger, which is very romantic for creating a great and warm scene for dating. The lighting is warm with even distribution to light on the surface so that you can see amazingly real moon surface. The shell is available with different sizes for different applications, and it is quite durable with great anti-impact capability, even if it is dropped from very high point.

With a rechargeable battery, the moon night light can light on up to 10 hours. It is easy and simple to charge with a USB charger and full charge takes less than 2 hours. The real wood bracket can support the 3D moon lamp anywhere and looks more high-end. Gif box packing looks more delicate. It is the perfect choice for sending your loved person an amazing and attractive gift.

Different color types can create different moods. You can choose Tap control version, just tap the lamp, it will be controlled to adjust brightness and colors. Also the touch sensor control version, you can control it with just your finger touch to adjust the brightness and colors. Remote is another available version, you can control its brightness and colors with the IR remote. There should be one type suitable for your requirements.

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