New moons, full moons and Ions - how are you affected?

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Each month we experience a new moon then two weeks later a full moon.

Each month we experience a new moon then two weeks later a full moon.  I think everyone has experienced the feeling of full moon energy,Guest Posting did you know new moons, positive and negative ions influence you too?
New MoonA new moon is a good time to let go of old ways to bring new energy into your life. Everything is in decline now - life energy, emotions and physiological activity. Plans requiring significant effort are not advisable now. This is an inauspicious time for people with low blood pressure and those prone to depression.
Full MoonThe term Lunatic is derived from the word Lunar (Moon).  Emotions, psychic energy and physical activity - everything is at its maximum. This is the time of increased creativity; however for people prone to high blood pressure, epilepsy or over excitement, the full moon period can bring too much excess.
Around the full moon more positive ions are produced. After years of research around the world, Ion scientists have determined over and over that an imbalance in the ratio between positive and negative Ions has a profound effect on both your mental and physical wellbeing.  From studies 75% of the general population react better to negative ions but are adversely affected by positive ions, while the other 25% react in the opposite way, finding higher positive ion days euphoric and higher negative ion days boring.
A full moon somehow triggers more positive ions into the air and a new moon negative. When there are too many positive ions in the air, the body goes into serotonin overproduction, which in turn leads to hyperactive adrenal production. Eventually the adrenal gland becomes exhausted. This leads to all kinds of emotional/behavioural problems ranging from depression to hyperactivity. Tides are higher during a full moon. If a full moon can have that kind of gravitational effect on a body of water, what do you think it can do a persons body, made up of more than 80% water?
According to the Scientific American, article Lunacy and the full moon it states: "Greek philosopher Aristotle and Roman historian Pliny the Elder suggested that the brain was the "moistest" organ in the body and thereby most susceptible to the pernicious influences of the moon, which triggers the tides. Even today many people think the mystical powers of the full moon induce erratic behaviors, psychiatric hospital admissions, suicides, homicides, emergency room calls, traffic accidents, fights at professional hockey games, dog bites and all manner of strange events. 
One survey revealed that 45 percent of college students believe moonstruck humans are prone to unusual behaviors, and other surveys suggest that mental health professionals may be still more likely than laypeople to hold this conviction. In 2007 several police departments in the U.K. even added officers on full-moon nights in an effort to cope with presumed higher crime rates (see below Police Ops website).
Water at work? Following Aristotle and Pliny the Elder, some contemporary authors, such as Miami psychiatrist Arnold Lieber, have conjectured that the full moon's ¬supposed effects on behavior arise from its influence on water. The human body, after all, is about 80 percent water, so perhaps the moon works its mischievous magic by somehow disrupting the alignment of water molecules in the nervous system."
The following information is quoted from this interesting Police Ops website.  It states they have a Police Guide award for excellence and gives information on new and full moons, positive and negative ions, crowd control, counter suicide, SWAT teams and the K9 dog squad!  I'm amazed the police follow guidance on new and full moons.  The next time you get pulled over just blame it on the moon…
On a personal note, I fit in with the minority of population - I love full moons, sometimes feeling flat around a new moon.  I use the new moon time to meditate, reorganise and focus on new projects and plans, which in-turn is always uplifting.
You can view Light Stays Moon Phases Calendar to find out when the moon will be full and new and see how it affects you.   
Please share your moon and Ion experiences with us…

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