4 Types of Events That Require Portable Toilet Hire

Apr 16


Chris Freeeman

Chris Freeeman

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While planning any outdoor event, be that small local event or large scale public gathering, having proper sanitization system in plan is a must. Portable toilets are one of the essential amenities you need to keep, but do you have to buy those? In most cases, hiring would be a better option. In this article, you'll get to know which events require hiring portable toilets, and why.


Every outdoor event comes with its own set of requirements and operational procedures.

Whether you're looking to organize a whole fleet of food trucks or figuring out something as a family picnic,4 Types of Events That Require Portable Toilet Hire Articles there’s always a common planning checklist for every get-together. So when it comes to the layout of your outdoor events, one of the most important factors to consider is the toilet facilities.

It’s always best to find out whether an area has facilities in place or if you’ll need to hire those. Either way, ensuring there are enough accessible toilets is the key to both picking your location and the success of your event. Meaning that you’ll not only need to determine the number of portable toilets for the event but ensure each facility covers the entire span of the area.

To help in planning any outdoor event, we’ve provided four examples of outdoor events where proper portable toilet installation is a must.


1. Large scale public events

Large scaled outdoor events tend to attract more attendees and span for longer hours. Outdoor activities like sports matches, trade shows, music, or food festivals are usually scheduled to last for a good majority of the day.

Since public events like these come with heavy pedestrian traffic and involve food or liquor services, you’ll need to prepare your space with a good number of standard portable toilets. We suggest that for every 500 attendees during an event of 8 hours, you’ll need approximately eight portable toilets.

In addition to this, it’s better to keep hiring temporary fencing in your plan because you may need to barricade some areas from unwanted access. Lightweight aluminum-framed fencing would do for most cases.


2. Community outdoor events

While comparable to large public events, outdoor events run by communities such as garden parties, summer fetes, and outdoor auctions are usually held in the local area, with events running for no longer than 6 hours and a predictable number of attendees.

For local community events like this, one portable toilet and one portable urinal unit for every 100 attendees means available facilities for the locals.


3. Outdoor luxury events

Outdoor events such as wedding ceremonies, VIP parties, corporate retreats, and intensive programs all come with added luxury, comfort, and a reserved number of guests.

For events like these, a traditional fitted portable toilet facility with spacious, hygienic, and comfortable options is a must. Depending on the guest numbers, we advise setting up enough toilets so that nobody has to wait too long in a queue and miss out on the party.


4. Overnight events

For overnight events like campouts and cook-offs, an adequate portable toilet facility with quick and hygienic access to sewage points is the most important logistic solution you can provide.Since food and drinks are the inevitable parts of these events, you need to make sure you have enough portable toilets installed at an appropriate distance from the site for overnight usage.


The benefits of hiring portable toilets

Still, confused about why you need to hire portable toilets?

Not to worry, here are four key reasons why hiring portable toilet service is the best option for your outdoor event:

  • Council approval: The purchase of portable toilets can come with unforeseen hurdles. Before making your purchase, you’ll need to find a large and secure storage location. On top of that, you’ll also have to obtain a Waste Carriers License as an extra cost! Hiring portable toilets, on the other hand, leaves it to the professionals and doesn’t come with any extra costs or approval.
  • Installation: Portable toilet rentals are installed by trained-professionals who also take care of their overall maintenance. Without experience and expertise, it’s tricky to do the job properly.
  • Cost-effective: Portable toilet hiring comes at an affordable price, and may allow some extra money for other useful services such as fencing or bin hire for the event.
  • Authorized sanitation cleaning: At pre-agreed intervals of your event, your portable toilet hiring company will provide you with a licensed waste disposal team. This disposal team also cleans the facility with minimal disruption to your events.



Using an accessible portable toilet hiring service is both an economical and environmentally sound option. That’s why we strongly suggest you consider this option when planning your next event.