Does the Clorox Toilet Wand Work?

Aug 20


Diana Gates

Diana Gates

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You have heard about it. You have seen it on television and in magazines. But, you want to know more about the Clorox toilet wand.


What is the Clorox toilet wand?

The Clorox toilet wand is a lot like a regular toilet brush. Except the brush part is not a brush,Does the Clorox Toilet Wand Work? Articles but a sponge. This sponge has cleaning chemicals in it so you don’t have to mess around with any liquid chemicals.  These sponges are replaceable. They come in packs of six. This means that they will last for a long time for you and if you run out, you can go to the nearest store and just get some replacements. They are not very expensive and your toilet wand will be as good as new.

Does it work?

Well, to be perfectly honest, it works about as well as a regular toilet brush.  You still have to put a lot of work into getting that toilet as clean as it needs to be, unless you are regularly cleaning it.  Regular toilet brushes actually reach into more of the toilet bowl crevices and they are sturdier, but the Clorox toilet bowl wand is very convenient which means you’ll probably clean your toilet more often.

Personally, I really like these toilet wands. They clean very well and are very easy to use. They might not be the best for scrubbing deep down, but for everyday cleaning they are perfect. These will wipe away the surface grime without a problem.  It does a great job of sterilizing my toilet and is also great for scrubbing my bathtub and shower walls.  One of the best features is that when I am through, I just push a button and the wand releases the cleaning head right into the garbage. It’s a very efficient and convenient bathroom cleaning tool.

So, is it worth the money?

This is probably one of the most important questions you’re going to ask yourself. You already know that it works. You know it will be good for you, but, is it really worth it. I have to say to you that I have used it and it worked perfectly well for me. I loved it and my family did also (I mean, it’s not like we’re celebrating each time we used it, but the wand keeps everything clean and smelling nice and my kids definitely love that!)

You would have to ultimately decide if it is worth the money you spend on it. It may not be too expensive, and either way, with a regular brush or the Clorox toilet wand, you will have to buy stuff for it. One may work better for you than the other one. You just have to try them out and ask around. See how well the Clorox toilet wand system worked for other people. It may just be the solution to your toilet cleaning problems.

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