5 commonly asked questions about Newark Airport parking

Jun 10


Way Parking

Way Parking

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Navigating the maze of cars leading up to Newark Liberty International Airport is never an easy task. Once you’re inside,5 commonly asked questions about Newark Airport parking  Articles finding a convenient Newark Airport parking spot is also quite the challenge. This is what you’re likely to face on a regular basis if you’re a Newark resident who is also a frequent flyer. Though driving yourself to and from the airport seems convenient, there are several things you should know before you head to the airport. 

Unfortunately, not everyone asks these questions since they prioritize their trip over parking. Not doing your research about Newark Airport parking could lead to you racking up parking fees even more than your flight fare! We’ve collected the 5 most commonly asked questions so that you can keep yourself fully informed. Read on, get wiser, and save money on Newark Airport parking. 

1.What are the rates for Newark Airport parking? 

Understanding the various parking lots will help you identify where is the best place to park. The official parking lots include: 

  • Short-term Parking Lot (Terminal C Garage) 
  • Regular Parking Lot (Garage P4 Lot), and 
  • Economy Lot.  

The rates are listed in the table below. Depending on your trip, you can park short-term or long-term at Newark Airport. Longer journeys, such as vacations, are better served by EWR long-term parking. 

Newark Airport parking rates 

EWR Airport parking lot 

EWR Airport parking rates 

Short-Term Lot (Terminal C) 

$4/ 30 minutes 

Daily rate - $39 

Daily Parking (P4 Garage) 

$4/ 30 minutes 

Daily rate - $34 

Economy Lot (P6) 

$18/ 24 hours 

After that, additional $6 for every 8 hours 


  1. Can I pre-book parking at NewarkAirport? 

The most annoying feature of Newark Airport parking is the delay at the entry and exit sites. Nothing is more frustrating than fumbling around looking for your credit card or change. Isn't it better to have contactless parking that lets you enter and leave in a matter of seconds?  

This is exactly what the E-Z Pass Plus facility at Newark Airport parking does. It reduces the payment process to a matter of seconds. You can create an E-Z Pass account and recharge it with cash digitally so that the parking price is automatically deducted whenever you exit the Newark Airport parking lot. If the fee is under $20, it will be debited from your E-Z Pass account. If you have a fee of more than $20, it will be charged to the credit card you used to top up your account.  

Pre-booking a place makes sense if you want to save time before you leave home. It helps to relax the nerves so you can drive stress-free to the airport. 

  1. Is there freeNewark Airport parking? 

Try parking at the free Cell Phone lot if you're picking up a friend or family member. Cell Phone lot parking does not have a time limit - however, the driver must remain with the vehicle at all times. Commercial vehicles are not permitted in this area. 

  1. Where can Ifindcheaper off-site Newark Airport parking options? 

Although the options listed above are simple, you should also think about the best value for money. Why pay for on-site parking when off-site parking is much less expensive?   

You can find off-site parking facilities with discounted prices of up to 60% off. You can use websites like Way.com and the Way app to access these great deals. While on-site parking at Newark Airport costs at least $8 per hour, off-site parking can be as low as $7 per day! Other facilities provided here include free shuttle service to and from the airport, car washes, oil changes, and much more. Save money by booking Newark Airport parking today! 

  1. How early should I leavefor Newark Airport? 

Newark Airport is around 5 miles from Newark. A leisurely drive will take 15-20 minutes – but that's only the best-case scenario! If you leave during rush hour or are forced to take a diversion, you could be delayed by up to 40 minutes. It's better to be safe than sorry. Prepare ahead of time to arrive early at Newark Airport and avoid missing your trip. 

Newark Airport Travel Tips 

  • Newark Liberty International Airport is located at: 3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114, USA. 
  • Persons with disabilities can access discounted rates provided they display official disabled license plates. 
  • Parking coupons can be accessed through sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates.   
  • In case of any parking assistance, call Newark Airport Vehicle Assistance at 973 961-6421 or 973 961-6422. 

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