5 Tips For Hiring a Product Influencer

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Hire the right product influencer for your goals, opportunities and customers will come your way. 

Small business owners can gain a lot by working with influencers to promote their products. These individual influencers can use their time and skills to create engaging content to increase brand and product awareness. They leverage the power of followers to "move" your products to your target audience. Here are useful tips for hiring them.

Determine a Budget

Identify your budget so you can determine the project scope and how much you are willing to pay for a product influencer. There are several factors to include when creating a budget plan:

  • Are you going to pay for each post made on social media?
  • How will you compensate for the influencer's time?
  • Are you developing a continuous transaction with the influencer?
  • Do you need to spend on logistics and freebies?
  • Will the project ensure an ROI?

Know Your Audience 

Choose an influencer who can promote your business while engaging with your audience. To develop bond and trust,Guest Posting the influencer and your audience must be like-minded. 

If you are selling smart TVs, you are likely aiming to reach people aged 15 to 40 who follow the latest technology trends. Hire influencers on the technology niche who most likely can use the product for themselves. 

Look for Relevance and Engagement

Go through an influencer's channels to have an idea about their audience, their niche, and how they create content. Check whether the followers are commenting or reacting to the influencer's content to get a better understanding of whether their followers, tone, choice of words, and language are suitable to your brand's image. 

Do not be blinded by a high number of followers. Although this is a good sign, you have to see whether an influencer's content is relevant to the products you're trying to promote to your current and potential audience. 

While it may be enticing to hire a popular dancer-influencer whose followers are mainly high school students, that influencer is not the best person to promote your feeding bottles. If you are selling baby products, customers will trust influencers who are currently pregnant or have kids of their own.

Be Ready to Let Go

Influencers plan everything; timeline, script, recording, editing, and publishing. They usually do not follow an agency's guidelines before they publish content, but they are willing to conceptualize together with brands. 

However, you must be prepared to give an influencer creative freedom to the overall concept. Influencers know their audience better than you do, and their followers must still see what made them follow the influencer in the first place. 

Understand Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are handy in promoting products. Most influencers use them. Before using social platforms, consider these: 

  • Can you study content styles, audience profiles, and engagement rates to conceptualize a content piece?
  • Do you want to upload pictures on Instagram and Twitter?
  • Do you prefer longer videos on Facebook and YouTube?
  • Can the influencer create social media content that is appropriate to your goals?
  • Are you going to utilize all of the influencer's social media platforms?
  • Do you need to work with an agency?


Hiring the best possible influencer to promote your products can be a cost-effective way to increase your company's sales. As long as you hire the right product influencer for your goals, opportunities and customers will follow.


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