50 Tasks your Virtual Assistant can do to save you money and time

Jun 24




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Allow your Virtual Assistant to save you money and time by doing the 50 plus tasks listed below A virtual assistant is an individual who usually works from home and they can do a variety of tasks that will not only make your life easier, but your business will blossom because you will have a “right hand” person at your side taking care of the important little details that is usually associated with successfully running a business.


There is no limit to what a virtual assistant,50 Tasks your Virtual Assistant can do to save you money and time Articles VA, can do for you and your business. Below is a generous list of suggested tasks for your VA to do:

1.Manage appointments. Remembering an upcoming appointment usually falls through the cracks when you are busy and a VA will properly manage your calendar, but also remind you of upcoming appointments.2.Create ideas for monthly newsletter and/or your blog posts. Fresh ideas need to be continuous when maintaining a blog and a VA can help you brainstorm new ideas that will keep traffic flowing to your site.3.Create and maintain spreadsheets. Excel is a word processing program that is used to create spreadsheets so that data is easily viewed. A professional VA can set up a spreadsheet and have all vital information available in an instant.4.Plan an event, send invites, answer guests questions, find a venue, cater and every other detail associated with the event5.Build backlinks which helps to drive traffic to your site and potential new customers.6.Prescreen potential new hires because the interviewing process is long and tiresome. A professional VA can ask preliminary questions of potential candidates. Then weed out non-qualified individuals and provide you with a list of the top three candidates.7.Web Design is a talent that many virtual assistants possess.8.Tax preparation is a tedious job and some VAs specialize in finance and can help you with this yearly project.9.Organizing emails. Emails can be sorted and online folders can be created to keep emails organized and easily accessible.10.Flagging, inserting a star next to emails that require top priority is something that a virtual assistant can do to make your life easier.11.Make your travel plans. They can book your train or plane, confirm reservations, book a hotel and plan your entire itinerary.12.They can research and compile date in a readable format. Research is a time consuming task and your VA can thoroughly sift through piles of information and create a readable document that highlights the important points of the research.13.Respond to emails. You can spend hours responding to emails that load your inbox and this can take precious time away from other important tasks. Viewing, reading and responding to emails is a task perfect for your VA.14.Posting quality comments is a way to become noticed and boost your reputation among the internet community. Also responding to comments to your blogs is just as important because people want to know that you are real and care about them.15.Answer phone calls. If your VA has excellent speaking skills, they can easily answer phone calls that are redirected. This is great for business because calls will be answered promptly and questions will be answered quickly and professionally.16.Upload music and videos to make your blog post come alive is a creative way helps to drive more traffic to your site. A virtual assistant can successfully upload these types of items quickly and in turn save you tons of money and valuable time.17.Write quality content to post, as this is a vital component to the survival of your online business.18.Prepare presentations with PowerPoint. When in front a room full of important clients and potential customers, image is very important and having a professional presentation is very important. Your virtual assistance can prepare this while you tend to other matters.19.Manage social medial accounts is something that needs to be done on a regular basis and this is a task that many VAs do well.20.Connects with vendors to save you valuable time from placing calls and waiting on hold.21.Post ads on Craigslist and Facebook, for example.22.Renewing domain names can be an automated process, but when you have more than one, it can become confusing to keep track of them all. A virtual assistant will be able to keep all your domain names, renewal dates and all pertinent information in a central location for your easy and immediate access.24.Any task that is time consuming and repetitive is what a supportive VA can do.Edit Videos, both the picture and sound quality, is a task for your virtual assistant as many have training in audio and visual technology. This task can require full time dedication, depending on the quantity of videos, and this important task is definitely something that a qualified VA is capable of doing.25.Post pictures on blogs. Finding just the right picture and resizing it if necessary can take hours of your precious time. Your virtual assistant can locate the perfect pictures and post it.26.Make email folders to keep correspondence organized and easily accessible.27.Finding new clients. Your virtual assistant can provide a fresh view to offer to achieve a bigger client base.28.Teaching You Something New – Everyday is a potential day to learn something new and a virtual assistant has many talents that they can teach you to help expand your personal and business endeavors.29.General office work like typing, filing, and being a perfect assistant for your business is the main objective of a virtual assistant.30.Motivation is something that we all need from time to time and a VA can be your best cheerleader and encourager to keep you motivated.31.Discovering new opportunities for save you more time and money is a talent that many VAs possess.32.Search Engine Optimization – Great for a Website or a Blog.33.It doesn’t matter if you need a plumber or the best pizza in town, a VA can find it for you.34.Managing Voicemail – because listening to voice recordings and returning phone calls is very time consuming.35.Following up. A virtual assistant can following up on things you have started and will provide you with piece of mind that the follow thru is happening and done correctly.36.Eating is something that is often put to the side when starting up a new business and a virtual assistant can create a healthy meal plan for you to follow to keep you healthy and operating at maximum levels.37.Wedding Planning – is too much for one person to do, so it is advised to have a virtual assistant find several vendors that you can choose from. In addition, there are a host of other tasks that your VA can do to make your day special and relieve you of unnecessary stress.38.Cost Management – Many VAs are trained in accounting and financial budgeting and they can keep your current project on tract financially.39.Data Entry is a repetitive and time consuming task that a VA can do for you.40.Proofreading is a vital component of your business and your virtual assistant is a fresh set of eyes that will ensure that your content is error free.41.Data Review – it is always a good idea to have imputed data reviewed, but this time consuming assignment is something that can easily be outsourced to a VA.42.Fact Finding, whether statistics regarding the stock market or the history of Abraham Lincoln, a VA will find the facts and present them to you in an orderly fashion.43.Fact Checking. Even if you do your own research, which you don’t have to do, a virtual assistant can check your facts for accuracy and possible typos.44.Interface Testing. Does your software need to be tested? Over and over again? A virtual assistant to the rescue!45.Interface/Wed Design. A qualified VA will provide you with a great design and not break the bank.46.Record Management – Do you have large quantities of data that needs to be entered into a spreadsheet on a regular basis? A virtual assistant can help.47.Grant Writing is a specialized skill that your virtual assistant may possess and this is an invaluable trade to have if you have a not for profit organization.48.Whether handwritten or typed, correspondence over the internet in our current world. Sadly this task is often time consuming, but it is perfect for a VA, who is part of your vital team.49.Upload lists to auto responders.50.Many virtual assistance are tech savvy and this is important, especially if that is not where your specialty lies. That can reduce frustration, costs and valuable time in dealing with computer issues that would otherwise become a disastrous situation.51.Transcribing. Typing from a recorded message or handwritten notes into a presentable format is a task designated for a virtual assistant.52.A major benefit of a VA is their ability to speak more than one language and this is vital for when documents needs to be translated.53.Booking speaking engagements. In addition to making travel arrangement, a VA will book speaking engagements for you to spread the word about your business opportunity.54.Converting documents to a PDF file is common practice in the business world, but this can be tedious and time consuming work, but it can be done quickly and effectively when you have a virtual assistant on your team.

We hope this information and list of tasks that your virtual assistance can help you do, will convince you to seek an invaluable VA to be part of your successful team.