500% profit return in Five Years investment in Cheap Bulgarian Property

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An article on how to make 500% profit return in five years by investing in cheap property now in Bulgaria before its too late.

Are you always looking for that rock solid,Guest Posting amazing profitable investment to provide financial security for you and your familys future?

If you have just answered yes, then read this article and you will be amazed by this once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in unbelievably cheap property in the last affordable country in Europe left outside of the European Union.

Bulgaria is the last gem in the European crown and is at this moment the last affordable country in Europe for purchasing amazingly cheap Bulgarian propertys.The Bulgarian property market has shown signs of up to 200% growth in the last five years powered by the increasing confidence in the country’s future prospects. The Bulgarian stock market has also tripled over the past two years in anticipation of its EU membership in January 2007.

A recent overseas property investment programme followed English investors in Bulgaria, the programme mainly centred on a gentleman who bought propertys for £5,000, spent an avearage of £10,000 renovating and sold on all his propertys for an average of £25,000 profit in less than six months. He bought his first property on a credit card and now has sold five additional propertys with £125,000 profit in less than one year.

£5,000 gets you a medium sized house which could provide a home for a family of four with an average of 500 square meters of land attached. This price is usually reflected in the requirement for some renovation work but for a shrewd investor, these propertys can be renovated to an excellent standard by the ever cheap bulgarian building labour force readily available throughout the country for the price of a brand new small car.

Like all countrys and property investment, prices are influenced by their location, so the closer to the Bulgarian Black Sea costal area where most Europeans and Bulgarians flock to in their thousands for a holiday destination, you will have to pay more for a similar property than you would find potentially further inland.

I myself, have recently returned from a property investment vacation to Bulgaria where i purchased an off plan, two bedroom sea view apartment with sea facing balcony and fully fitted kitchen and bathroom of my own choice for an amazing price of £19,000. I think you will agree that £19,000 for a brand new two bedroom apartment less then five minutes walk from the beach and facing towards the black sea coast is not something you come across everyday in your life. The location of this property is what almost guarantees me a potential 500% plus profit margin in less than eight years.

As an investment opportunity, there were many factors which made me decide that an apartment purchase was for me which was based on the following:

Buying off plan from a professional construction company offers you the security you may not get with purchasing a house which needs renovation work.

I dont have to deal with the language barriers in finding and arranging a trustworthy, reputable builder for renovation work. I dont have to arrange surveyors or deal with planning control restrictions,remembering that i do not live in Bulgaria or even speak their language.

An off plan investment offers you also a three stage payment scheme, so even if you dont have all the funds available at this time, as long as you can make the first payment of £6,500 in the first two months, then this offers you another average time scale of about an additional four months before the next 30% is due to be paid.

Solicitors Setting up fees are low as you do not have to set up a limited company to own the land like you would if you were to purchase a house under current Bulgarian law, this can cost any where between £600 - £800.

A brand new build apartment offers the rental oppurtunity of 12% rental yield return a year for the owner. If i keep my property for just over eight years then the apartment pays for itself leaving me with a very large nest egg for my future of a predicted £100,000.

Bulgaria is due to join the EU in January 2007 along with Romania. Every country who has been undeveloped who has joined the European Union has always become more attractive to foreign investment almost immediately. The indications already are that Bulgaria will be taken out of being a small underveloped country with many regions poor to a financially strong country which in turn with higher employment and greater average wage increases will push property prices high in a short amount of time. Inward investment from airlines, high street brand names and the advertising promotions which will follow in 2007 will bring many more thousands of tourists to Bulgaria bringing millions of pounds into the country.

Property investment experts have claimed that anyone purchasing a cheap bulgarian property now, will look to see by the end of 2007 a profit increase of atleast 50%. This is a Conservative prediction so the true figure could be anywhere between 50 - 100% increase. No one can guarantee this prediction but take a look at what happened to other countries when they entered into the EU and their property market prices especially in the more desirable locations such as costal regions or near main cities and airports. You will see evidence of similar property profitable increases in the past connected with these countrys.

If you remember Spain Ten to Fifteen years ago which had little investment in costal regions, look today at the same areas and the same apartment as i have purchased, this will cost you about £100,000 more. Eight years on from now you could be looking at atleast a 500% profit return on your investment and if you rent out your property then you walk away with atleast£100,000 in your pocket.

With a Continental climate, more than 250 sunny days per year, dry and hot summer and cold winters with lots of snowfalls in the mountain regions. Mediteranean mildness in southern Bulgaria and the Black Sea coast. unique nature, great history, countless mountains,rural architecture, medieval cathedrals, ancient ruins, fantastic sandy beaches, attractive ski centers, hunting reservations, golf clubs, warm and friendly people. Bulgaria is a wonderful country to own a property in. In less then three hours in a car you can be either on a sunny beach sunbathing or skiing in the wonderful mountains.

That's why Bulgaria is often called "Switzerland of the Balkans" or "The New Tuscany". From an investment side cheap bulgarian propertys offers you the potential to reap the rewards of good property investment in a up and coming European country to return amazing profit returns for your future.

Dont get me wrong, when i speak about purchasing a bulgarian house for renovation. This is just my own opinion and what suits me and my lifestyle.There are amazing potential profitable returns available from buying an extremely cheap bulgarian house and renovating and flipping the property as its known as. I would recommend this if you, or someone you know has some building experience as you can gauge roughly what your additional expenditure would be.

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