6 Advantages of Setting up a Company in Dubai

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Dubai has become one of the most famous global business destinations. This is on account of its low taxation and friendly business policies that attract a huge amount of foreign investors.  There are numerous other advantages of forming a company in Dubai, some of which are mentioned below.

A business is fruitful only if it earns more than what the entrepreneur had invested to setup the business. In reaping huge profits,Guest Posting the taxation policy of the place, where the company is registered plays a huge role.

So, to ensure maximum profits, every entrepreneur is in search of places that are tax havens. Among numerous such global destinations, Dubai is the most popular destination. This is one of the major factors that have led to rise in popularity of Dubai. Dubai is known to be one of the most prosperous economies in the world because of the presence is multiple international firms that contribute to this stature.  

Why Setup business in Dubai?

Not just the tax benefits, but there are several other factors that promote international firms to setup their company in Dubai. Few of those advantages are mentioned below:

1. Marvelous  infrastructure
Dubai is one of the highly developed countries and has marvelous infrastructure. With all the basic facilities in surplus amount, it attracts a huge number of foreign investors.  

2. Strategic Location
Another factor that plays in favour of Dubai is its strategic location. Dubai is well connected to the other parts of the world via the means of both flights and the sea. It has two major sea-ports that are in close proximity to the business centers as well as the airport. So, the efficient logistics facility is one of the major advantages of the Dubai.  

3. Bank accounts
Foreign investors are allowed to open liberal bank accounts. The accounts are opened within 7 to 14 working days.

4. Different types of Business Formation
One has the flexibility to setup his business in any of the numerous types of business structures.  Each kind of setup has a different set of benefits that are intended to nurture and benefit the investor.

5. Availability of consultants
In case of any issue regarding the Dubai business registration, one can seek the services of business setup consultants to ensure a smooth business formation.

6. Minimal Taxation
At last but not the least, the minimal taxation policy in the business forms encourages a huge number of people for Dubai company setup. Most forms of business allow 100% repatriation of profits with the organization.  

What are the types of Business Structure in Dubai?

The types of business structures in Dubai are listed as follows:

  • Free Trade Zone Company: By forming a company in the Free Trade Zone, one can conduct his business with the other companies within the Free Trade Zone.
  • Limited Liability Company:  The limited liability company formed can hold numerous properties in UAE.    One needs to find a local investor who would hold 51% of the shares of the company.
  • Offshore Company: one can form an offshore company but would not need to have a physical office in UAE. An offshore company is formed using minimum capital.

Why resort to the consultancy services?

With the help of consultancy services, one can setup his business in Dubai at ease. The consultants make sure that all the documentation and the approvals are in place. They also ensure that one acquires the business license at ease.

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