6 things you are cleaning badly without knowing it

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So we reached out to pro cleaners for their proven solutions to some of ... or what to do when grease stains threaten to ruin your work blouse. ...

Surely,Guest Posting beyond what you learned at home with your parents, nobody taught you to clean your home. You were learning little by little and discovering which methods and products work best. For this reason it is possible that you are cleaning badly without knowing some corners and objects of your house.

We suggest you update your cleaning routine with these tips:

- Windows: avoid cleaning them on sunny days as these causes the crystals to dry too quickly and make visible marks. Of course, cleaning the windows on a rainy day or with a threat of rain would be a worthwhile effort. It is best to clean them on cloudy days to make them perfect. Start by "sweeping" the window frames with a brush and vacuum the dirt with the dust attachment of the vacuum cleaner. This step is essential when we talk about windows in which mud or earth has accumulated, for example.

- Dishes, glasses and utensils: the cutlery piled up in the dishwasher basket is not cleaned properly; you will have checked it on more than one occasion. Place the spoons alternately, face up and face down, while the forks leave them face up, so that the spaces between the teeth are cleaned well. Leave the knives upside down for safety and never mix the silver cutlery with the steel one in the same wash, since the first ones could be chopped. Do not stack the utensils inside the appliance since the soap and water will not be able to penetrate correctly on all surfaces and dirty things will remain. Place utensils with more dirt in the lower tray, towards the center, so that they are closer to the spray arm.

In addition, we recommend you go to the safe regarding the dishwasher. Choose the range of Fleet machine dishwasher with a high anti-lime value and its great decaling power. Test its proven effectiveness with dishes.

- Shower curtain: it is not necessary to replace it if it gets dirty with mold, because it is something that has a solution. If it is white and cloth, you can put it in the washing machine, in a gentle cycle of water; heat it with a trickle of bleach in the box. You can also treat the spot spots by rubbing the curtain with a brush and a little bleach without removing them.

- Upholstery and carpet stains: before such a stain, it may be tempting to spray the affected area with the cleaning product. Ammonia for grease or upholstery spray, for example. But the truth is that we could make the result worse. Always apply the cleaning product on the cloth to clean this type of stains and rinse in a second step with another clean cloth dampened in water, as many times as necessary.

- Wash: a classic mistake in household cleaning is to pour too much detergent or fabric softener into the washing machine compartment. This is not beneficial for clothes, but not for the washing machine. It is not even recommended for the skin. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding quantities, taking into account the type of water you have in your home and the amount of dirt on the clothes you are going to wash. More soap can mean having to wash some clothes again.

- Electronic devices: mobile phones, tablets and other technological devices accumulate dirt at a faster rate than we imagine. But it is never good to spray them directly with a cleaner. Simply impregnate a lightly sprayed microfiber cloth with a bleach-free disinfectant or a multi-purpose spray to remove screen and housing stains.

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