Barska Blackhawk Monocular.

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What we have here is a truly excellent scope.

This 10×40 mm monocular is awesome,Guest Posting and quite portable. It is not an easy item to turn away from, and the price of around $40. makes it an item that fits most budgets. This item weighs in at eight pounds, so it may be that the ladies would prefer a lighter model, but men seem to take no exception with the eight pound weight, and see it as a sign of the instrument’s over all quality. This monocular has a stellar field of view coming in at 315/105. The monocular’s exit pupil is 4 mm, and the eye relief .69 inch. This item is 100% fog proof and water proof due to it’s being nitrogen purged and O ring sealed. In other words, this monocular can be effectively used in the nastiest weather you can find, and will not fog up on you due to changes in temperature, or sudden spikes in humidity.

This monocular has a coating of rubber that is on the level of armor. The grips are shaped like diamonds, and give a seriously awesome grip of the scope. This device works just fine with or without gloves on. So durable is this monocular, you can drop it on rocks, in the dirt, into water, and it will work like brand new once you clean it up. Barska has made this product essentially shock proof, and it can take quite a pounding out in the field.

In the event that you decide not to use the carrying case for a day, what you will have is an easy to pack 10x monocular that offers awesome clarity and resolution with quick focus capability, all able to be put in a coat pocket or easily thrown into your pack. These days, no one should be the least bit ashamed to admit that price matters. Life is not getting easier in this tumultuous world, and so when it comes to making any purchase, quality exceeding the price is what consumers need today.

This item is convenient to carry, affordable in cost, performs like an item costing more, and is quite reliable. Item comes standard with a carrying case, an ample wrist strap, and with a durable lens cloth. The limited lifetime warranty offers solid consumer protection against defect, and product failure. If you need a handy 10x scope for the field, you really can not go wrong with this one.

Product retails around $40.


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